Walking in the Sibillini Mountains in Italy - Not always Easy

Walking in the Sibillini Mountains in Italy - Not always Easy

We have been to Marche for the third time now but we never before we found time for a good mountain walk in the Monti Sibillini.

This time we did it.

We chose a day with extremely good weather to make sure that the weather would not cause any difficulties.

In the guide books it said that you should have a good map or a local guide when doing a walk in the mountains. As I am used to map reading, navigation and finding my way in unkown areas I bought myself a new map 1:50 000 (Kompass latest edition) and I also used an older Italian map 1:25 000. So I thought we were well prepared for a good mountain walk.


Our idea was to set off from Gola dell' Infernaccio - Rubbiano - Montefortino.

Then we wanted to follow a path leading up to a ridge and then follow that ridge walk up to Monte Sibilla. The map said that it would be marked and even gave us the number 155. Despite the good map we did not find the path and no marks.

So we decided to follow the Val Tenna. There the path was marked until we came to the end of the valley where the path forked. We new that the path we wanted to use turned south steep up to Monte Sibilla. But this time there were so many pathes made by cattle that grazed there that again we could not find the right path especially because again the marking was so poor and hidden and unclear that we soon realized we were off the track. As the area was still covered with forest and thorny undergrowth we had no chance to guess where we should go.

We knew where we were and then followed the path along the steep Valle Lunga. By now we had passed Monte Sibilla and were on the way to Monte Porch. So we decided to climb up and try to reach the ridge without a path. But this was so steep and took much too long that we decided to give up trying to reach Monte Sibilla to make sure we would get back to our cars before  darkness. We found a unmarked path below and parallel to the ridge path and followed it and finally reached a path (also not marked) but obviously the one we had been looking for in the valley and had not been able to find.


Here my suggestion:

If you want to get to Monte Sibilla it is easier to start from Montemonaco COLINA and follow the dirt road until Refugio M. Sibilla and then get onto the ridge. EASY and all pathes visible and clear. Always a good view to the Adriatic Sea.


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