Walking Inside Of The Grand Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

Walking Inside Of The Grand Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

My journey to Egypt, of course had to include a visit to its most popular tourist attraction: The Great Pyramids of Giza.

When I arrived, I was in awe of the enormous pyramids and the Sphinx. Such grandeur!

The typical tourist will take a few camera shots of the three pryamids and the sphinx after a quick jaunt around their perimeter. Lucky for me, I was in the company of a local tour guide who revealed an interesting fact to our group. She revealed that tourists can pay a mere $5US to actually go inside one of the pyramids!

I just had to do this! How often the average person meet someone who has walked inside one of the Great Pyramids?! As I waited in line to venture into the second largest pyramid, my gaze was interrupted by the flow of tourists who had just completed their walk inside the structure. Even the young college kids were panting, out of breath, dizzy, and sweating.

Our guide forewarned us that this feat was not for the faint of heart! Individuals suffering from claustrophobia, heart conditions, or asthma are warned not to do this activity. I did not suffer from any of these conditions, so I decided to partake in this activity. It was also not a possible task for anyone who is overweight or tall.

After a bit of a wait, I finally started my decent into the pyramid!

Inside, it was hot, non-ventilated, dark, and dusty. I got a bit claustrophobic at first... anyone would but slowly gained my composure and remained that way. I did not become ill from the inside conditions. The passageways were quite narrow, though had a boardwalk with some rope to hold for balance. The inside was quite empty. There was nothing to be found along the path. However, when you reach the end, there is a small stone formation where a king's tomb was possibly kept.

My return back to life outside was now filled with happy memories of my accomplishment of walking inside one of the world' greatest structures:

The Great Pyramids of Giza!

Written and contributed by Maria

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