Volunteering Improves Your Chances of Getting a Job

Volunteering Improves Your Chances of Getting a Job

In today’s competitive corporate world, if you want to stand a better chance of getting a job, you need to have skills that set you apart from the crowd.

Research indicates that students who volunteer during their gap year, gain skills that are very helpful in the workplace environment. You should definitely mention these skills in your CV and have an edge over others.

The time you spend volunteering in a foreign country will not go in waste if you can showcase the knowledge and skills you gained during your volunteering experience to your prospective employer.

The following are some of the skills and strengths you will most likely be able to obtain whilst on your gap year, which you can add to your CV.


Taking charge and portraying leadership

During your gap year, if you initiated or led a project from its initial phase through to the end, you can certainly put that in your CV. Employers are always looking for people with practical experience who can demonstrate leadership skills.


Team Work

When you join a company, you will be required to work in a team and get along well with others. This is when your team work skills will come in handy. During your gap year, since you are likely to have worked on a project as a team, you will find it easy to gel with others at work.


Offering a Helping Hand

If you actively volunteer for a good cause, it will go a long way emphasising your willingness to assist others.


Spirit and interest to work

Being enthusiastic and eager to contribute are always good traits to have. When you are in a foreign country, working on a volunteering project, your spirit to work and take on challenges will be good for your career. If you can convince your employer that you are always up for new challenges, they will appreciate your interest in the company. 


Ability to communicate well

Volunteering during a gap year enables you to meet people from different cultures. When you work in a team, you get the opportunity to communicate with  differnet types of people.


Ability to raise funds

If you raised some portion of your trip expenses by fundraising or working, it would definitely impress your potential employer. Even better is if you worked on a charity project and helped some organisation raise money. It shows great personal character.


Tackling Confronting Situations

It is never easy to work in foreign conditions. There are always going to be obstacles that you will have to deal with. If you can demonstrate how you have been able to deal with a difficult time will definitely help in a job interview.


In summary, employers are interested in knowing the difference you made whilst you were on your gap year so your CV should show that.


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