Volunteer abroad - Group Volunteering and what to look after

Volunteer abroad - Group Volunteering and what to look after

A group of volunteers could be you and a couple of your friends, family, church members and coworkers.

Many corporate companies offer their employees a chance to volunteer abroad as a part of their corporate social responsibility. They use this as a part of their team building and have their employees more motivated. Many employees after coming from their volunteer holiday are more open minded and are rejuvenated by their work abroad. It also introduces your employees to new opportunities and cultures.

Volunteering as a family is also a great way for all of you to bond together and at the same time help other people. It gives you the chance to open the eyes of your kids to the problems of the world and to help them appreciate what they have. Handling and tackling problems together with your family helps to improve each other’s maturity level, character and gives them a chance to grow.

Whether you and your friends have just finished high school, are in college or with your neighbours volunteering abroad together is one of the experiences that you will never forget. It will cement your friendship as you will live together and “suffer together” When you are ready to go abroad; you have the option of going independently without any help or use a volunteer service organization.

When you travel independently, you will have to find out where you are going to live, eat and work in advance. When you use an organization, they will take care of all of your travel experience, they arrange where you are going to eat, sleep and work. If you decide to use a volunteer abroad service, inform them in advance and ask if they have the capacity to accommodate all of you.  To make sure they place you in an organization where you can work together and live together.


The main benefits of group volunteer are:


Travelling as a group reduces the cost of your travelling. You will get group discounts on most things. When you travel in a group you can get more value for your money, flights are cheaper, hotels and hostels are cheaper; safaris and tours are cheaper. Pulling your resources together in a group, each one gets to use less. Also when buying gifts and curious you will get discounts since you will be buying in bulk.


Safety in numbers

When you travel as a group you will always to be safe. In a group you are not as vulnerable as when you are in a group. The numbers reduces the danger that occurs from potential risky situations. Also when in a group thieves and pickpockets will not be able to steal from of you.  In a group you will be always looking after each other.



During your volunteer abroad you will be asked to do work in certain projects e.g. orphanage work, community development, teaching, TEFL. Your work could be for a week or for a couple of months, when you volunteer as a group you should ensure that all members of the group are working in the same project. You accomplish more when you work as a group. In a group you have more resources to work with, tasks and projects are completed faster. Also your work will be more efficient


Easy to adjust

Since you will be staying in a foreign country it is normally difficult to adjust to the new environment in the first days. As there will a number of small difficulties in which you must overcome for example language barriers, cultural conflicts and home sickness. You will be missing your family and friends company, but when you travel with your friends you will not be feeling that way. With your friends you will be able to find out things faster and adjust to the environment. You will be able to learn some of the words in the local language, customs, culture and traditions. When you encounter a problem your friends who are with you will help you solve it.



As a holiday, it will be great fun for you and your friends working together. As a family you will experience new things in an exciting way. It is generally more enjoyable when you are in a group rather than by being yourself.