Volunteer abroad Fund raising tips

Volunteer abroad Fund raising tips

Deciding to volunteer or intern abroad is a great and sometimes expensive. The cost of travelling around the world is expensive.

To work with the major volunteer abroad organizations like and you want to volunteer for them. Many of the programs offered are affordable but there are other costs in which you will have to incur. These costs are like flight expenses which in some occasions are very expensive. Also during you volunteer work you would want to travel, buy souvenirs and sometimes give a gift to the locals. These extra expenses can make you want not to volunteer or not travel. If you want to travel and do not have as much money as you would require, fundraising will be your next option. When you raise funds you will be able to enjoy your holiday longer and have more fun.


There are very many ideas and things you would do in order to raise money.

Here are some of the effective ways to get money for your volunteer trip, or internship.


Have a plan

Before you start calling people or knocking at their doors to ask for financial aid, you should sit down and budget first. Calculate exactly how much you need, i.e. the cost of your travel including air fare, weekly expenditure, insurance and your volunteer holiday. Secondly having a plan of action which will help you come up with the money. This includes what you will do to raise the money e.g. organizing a party. Involve your friends and family in planning.


Organize a party

One of the surest ways to raise funds is by hosting a party in your home. Host a simple function; an evening party, a cocktail party, wine tasting and a dinner party. Tell everyone who will come to the party that the event is for a good cause. Make people pay when they arrive at the party. Make the party fun and engaging.  


Garage Sale

This can bring some money into your pocket. Go to your house and look for things which you don’t use anymore. In your attic, basement there could be old clothes, toys and trinkets. Make sure you ask first before you take things to be sold. Tell all of your neighbours that you are organizing a garage sale. You can also advertise your garage/ yard sale in the local daily newspaper.


Sponsored events

This is like being involved in short race. It can be a marathon, 5 km race, 10 km race, a decathlon and a triathlon. Explain to your sponsors that you are doing it to help fund your trip. They could sponsor you for every mile you run or every kilometer you accomplish


Get Help

There are some resources like some organizations that will fund your volunteer travel. There are also websites that help in your fundraising. Going to their sites and they could give you some money to help with your trips. Websites like www.justgiving.com, www.stepbystepsfundraising.com etc, help you with your fund raising.


Get a part time job

Plan early, when you want to volunteer. If you are to volunteer abroad in 6 or 7 months time get a part job that will help you pay for the costs of volunteering. The work experience will also help you when you start your volunteer work abroad. When you are abroad you can apply for a job.


Get advice

Meet with people who have already volunteered abroad. Ask them how they were able to get money for their vacation. Ask them which resources they had available for their volunteer period. And ask how much they spent during their holiday.



Written and contributed by Zablon Mukuba


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