Visiting Portugal's Fishing Villages

Visiting Portugal's Fishing Villages

Less than half an hour in suburbain train south of Porto, Portugal is the charming beach town of Espinho, one of northern Portugal's best beaches and one of the most popular amongst Portuguese people.

While the beach is worth a visit, you will definitely want to get up very early to truly experience the life of its adjacent fisherman village.

Every morning around 6 AM, in this small fishing village of Portugal, the men come back from the sea with the day’s freshly fished.

The women are waiting for them on the beach and then, the auctions begin. Here, you’ll find everything, from fish (especially sardines) to crabs and all sorts of molluscs.

It might be early considering you're in Portugal and you've probably partied until 4 am (thus I recommend you just don't go to bed) for some presunto (the portuguese ham) and a glass of wine, but in the fishing village of Espinho, it's absolutely normal.


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