Visiting Incredible Jaisalmer in India

Visiting Incredible Jaisalmer in India

Covering most part of Rajasthan is the Thar Desert, which is the 18th largest sub-tropical desert in the world. The Thar Desert is approachable from cities like Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and Barmer.

If you want to visit Rajasthan, you cannot miss visiting the Great Indian Desert, Thar. There are several attractions in the desert too.


Jaisalmer Attractions

Desert Attractions

When you approach the Thar Desert from Jaisalmer, you can treat and indulge yourself with a wonderful desert camping experience that is available at the borders of the Sam sand dunes in the city.

There are several desert camp sites along the border that all provide their customers with a unique Rajasthani lifestyle and décor, depicting the rich cultural heritage and architecture of the state.

Stay in a desert campsite as per your budget and preference and enjoy a camel ride on the desert in the day time. It will not only give you valuable insight about the typical Rajasthani lifestyle of the locals and the tribal people, but also give you a quick glimpse into the real Rajasthan.

Enjoy a bon fire in the evening on the premise of the campsite with fellow campers. While you relax, you will have company from the local tribal artists who will entertain you with tribal folk music and dance performances.


Sand Dunes

The Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer are a typical tourist attraction of the city. It is what attracts millions of tourists from India and abroad for a quick trip through the desert on a hunch back to desert safari tour of Jaisalmer. If you are an adventurous soul and would like to experience an adventure of a life time, here is your chance to do so on a camel back in the Thar Desert.

You can stay at one of the campsites on the border of the Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer and the camp organizers will provide you with a desert safari package which includes a camel ride or a jeep safari as per your preference. You can get on the camel back and trudge through the desert slowly peeping at the typical desert life.


Jaisalmer Tourist Attractions

The best way to explore Jaisalmer is by a Jaisalmer city tour package where you can stay in a nice heritage hotel in the city and along with that hire a car rental service in Jaisalmer for complete city sightseeing.

The city of Jaisalmer is also a very fascinating one. It is also known as the Golden city of India because of its sandy yellowish building structures. One of the most famous artistry of the city is the Jaisalmer Fort which was nicknamed as Sonal Quilla by none other than the late film exponent, Mr Satyajit Ray.

Apart from the Jaisalmer Fort, there are so many places worth exploring in Jaisalmer like Bada Bagh, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Khaba Fort, Surya Gate, Gadissar Lake, and of course the abandoned village of Kuldhara are all a must visit. In fact, Kuldhara village also has the ability to give you goose bumps as entry to this village is barred after sun set.