visit Mto wa Mbu in Tanzania, on transit to northern circuit national parks

visit Mto wa Mbu in Tanzania, on transit to northern circuit national parks

Mto wa Mbu (mosquito creek)-in Northern Tanzania, East Africa.
Situated on the way from Arusha town (125 kms) to the northern circuit parks-Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Manyara national park the park with the tree-climbing lions, it is an ideal place to rest for most of the travelers...

there's a rapid population growth which has turned Mto wa Mbu in a melting pot of nearly 120 tribes existing in Tanzania. The various traditional ethics are the example of this culture diversity.

Bicycle tour - Moving to various places around Mto wa Mbu, can also be combined in a half or full day by renting a bicycle, at the very cheap costs.

The papyrus lake - A trip to the Miwaleni lake and waterfall, it is located five kilometers to the north of mto wa mbu, where the rift valley has created the oasis from the Miwaleni waterfall. Wa-rangi tribe collect the materials for the mats and basket making, along, with the Sandawe families who still engage themselves with primitive making of traditional weapons and tools–from iron and ebony wood. The availability of the 3 main rivers use for irrigation for the huge plantations, keeps our village vegetations greenish the whole year even during the driest seasons.

Balaa hill- “the hill of misfortune” in Swahili language. From its top you can oversee the whole town. Starts from the center to the northern direction, mainly with farmers have grown rice and 30 different banana species.

Maasai culture-“Emanyata” - Africa’s most fascinating culture the Maasai culture continues remain to be the major attraction in Tanzania. You will get a chance to be guided and learn more about their social organization structure and the division of labour, laibon (clan heads) to layoni (cattle grazers). And get to know the inside of the house (boma) how it comfort Masais' from cold or heat. Meet their local doctor (laigwanon) will provide deep knowledge on their traditional medicines. You will learn how they prepare their meals and cereal thick soups, and how to get blood from a cow.

Maasai fruit Market-where there’s a lot (variety) of fruits, vegetables, fish, rice and spices. Maasai central market-full of curio shops with carvings, earrings, bracelets, rings, batiks, paints and wildlife painted t-shirts.

Accommodation-Campsites, guest-houses for leisure, relaxed and cheap costs with the availability of the local meals tastes great, like nyama choma, ndizi choma, ugali, local rice stew etc.

How to get there
Alternatively, tours are booked through your tour operator.
I can be arranged for you're pickup / group from Arusha to Mto wa Mbu, using the available and cheap public transport. The trip should take about 2 to 3 hours by bus.


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