Visit Goa in the Off-Season

Visit Goa in the Off-Season

Many tourists visiting India head to Goa - a popular beach destination.

A tip for travelers who want to save some money is to go in the off-season.


Why Visit Goa?

The Indian state of Goa is visited by both citizens of the country and visitors from abroad. It has great sunny weather, beautiful beaches and stunning examples of old architecture including Portuguese churches and superb forts.


The Off-Season

This destination certainly has plenty to offer and is a brilliant choice for a vacation at any time of year. The off-season in Goa is considered to be between May and September, and there are many great reasons why tourists should visit during this particular time of year.


The Advantages of Visiting Goa in the Off-Season

Going at this time certainly means that there will be fewer tourists so it’s an opportunity to avoid the crowds. This is experienced whether visiting the beach, going to restaurants, or heading to a spa. Travelers venturing to Goa at this time of year will also pay less for their airline tickets and hotel rooms as it is not peak season. Going on holiday can be a pricey affair especially if traveling with a family, so it is best to go during off-season to avoid excessive costs. Saving money means visitors can spend it elsewhere such as activities during the trip.


Where to Stay in Goa

The accommodation in Goa are wonderful and some places have top-notch air-conditioned rooms, suites, and villas. There are many modern amenities to be found here including Wi-Fi internet. A pretty town to base your visit is Benaulim. It has a beach and plenty of places for shopping, dining and a top nightlife scene.

Some resorts offer soothing spa therapies and a steam bath that will relax travelers during their trip. Families and large groups will enjoy large living spaces including three-bedroom villas ideal for sharing.


What to Do in Goa

Tourists will appreciate the lack of crowds when they head to the beach where they can relax in peace. A holiday is certainly enhanced when travelers feel like they don’t have to contend with crowds for food or during shopping. Visitors have an opportunity to genuinely appreciate their surroundings, especially as Goa is full of places containing natural beauty.

Off-season also means that travelers won’t be tempted by just the tourist trail and can head to lesser known destinations. Major landmarks and sights will also have fewer people visiting them so it’s easier to head there without worrying about long queues and waiting times.


Transportation in Goa

Transportation can also be an issue when it is busy in Goa and getting a taxi or motorcycle rickshaw can sometimes take some time. When travelers visit in the off-season, this is not so much of a problem and tourists can easily get around. Also, motorbikes available to rent in Goa are occasionally difficult to get when visiting in the peak season. During off-season, they are very easy to hire and are often available at a reasonable rate.


This time of year, between May and September is clearly beneficial for tourists who want to save money and perfect for families.

Goa is great at any point in the year but it’s worth checking it out during its more-affordable tourist off-season.