Visit Dong Van Market: Upland Market of Ha Giang

Visit Dong Van Market: Upland Market of Ha Giang

Dong Van district is located in the northernmost border area of Ha Giang province and belongs to the kind of unique highland in Vietnam, a highland of Tai Meo rocks.

Tai Meo rocks are a kind of natural rock with many holes creating a spectacular appearance and usually chosen for display in aquatic lakes.


Location of Dong Van Market

Here, visitors will have an opportunity to admire the scenery of the rolling mountains and dense forests and acquire more knowledge of the daily life of the local people. One of the most worthwhile destinations is the Dong Van market. From Ha Giang city center, following the Highway 4C, over 150km towards the northeast, visitors will come to Dong Van market.


Things to See and Do at the Market

Dong Van Market is the place for trading of ethnic minorities such as Tay, Nung, Han, H’mong, Hoa, Dao, Kinh, etc. As usual, market meetings open on Sundays and holidays during the year. The market lies at the foot of Don Cao mountain and right next to Dong Van Old Town.

The whole market is designed in the combination of the Vietnamese and Chinese styles, which is consistent with the plateau feng shui with a range of skilfully sculpted huge pillars of rocks and many large markets.

It is Dong Van that creates a unique point of interest in the vast highland region. The majestic construction of Dong Van market, which has a U-shaped structure and stone architecture, was built from 1925 to 1928.

From a distance, the market scene looks lively and vivid. Endless lines of people go to the market together. Those who go on foot carry baskets of vegetables, fruit, chicken’s cages, bird’s cages, buffalo and cows. Those who ride bicycles or motorcycles bring different kinds of goods or pig’s cage on their vehicles. Others who are in ethnic costumes and from remote villages come to visit the market. All of them seem very excited and exhilarated because after hard working days, they get chances to gather here to exchange and enjoy local products.


Produce and Food Available at the Market

At the market gate, tourists can witness local people exchanging goods and talking in their own language. Inside the market, various departments of goods and commodities and the areas of livestock and poultry are clearly arranged in order to serve the needs of buyers. The items are mostly fruits, vegetables, spice, food, colorful brocade, household commodities and some kinds of cattle and poultry such as pigs, cattle, birds, chicken, etc. Like some other upland markets, Dong Van market also serves tourists with ethnic dishes like thang co, buckwheat cake, etc.

If having an occasion to visit Ha Giang, Dong Van market is one of the destinations tourists shouldn’t miss. Here, tourists will enjoy the vibrant and crowded atmosphere of this ancient market and also learn more about the Dong Van Old Town.