Venice gondola trips - Get there quick before it vanishes!

Venice gondola trips - Get there quick before it vanishes!

The Gondola is the most famous boat on the seven seas.


Every year thousands of tourists take a romantic trip down the rivers of Venice gazing into their partner’s eyes or staring at the beautiful architecture around them, because as everyone knows the only way to see Venice is from the river.


Gondola rides in Venice
are the cities main form of tourism and is a symbol of the city. It would only make sense that these rides grew like any other popular attraction which is why lots of other tours and activities are presented with the Venice Gondola ride so they are perfect for single people, couples and families alike.

The best type of cruise is the Venice gondola and dinner blend. This is brilliant for the couples that go to Venice because it makes a whole evening an event rather then just going for a ride on a gondola. It shows how great the moods on gondola rides in Venice are because of the amount of people that have been proposed to while on one.

Another mix of the Venice gondola ride that has become well-liked is the walking tour of Venice and gondola ride. This is well-liked with single travellers as well as families because it takes you around the city as well as allowing you go on the gondola, which is probably the reason you went there. It also means you won’t be surrounded by loved up couples and feel mortified about being alone.

So make sure you go, chill out and be serenaded on one of the most passionate forms of transportation in Venice and the world. You will enjoy it whether you go in the day or evening, as the experience is astounding.


Everyone should go have a Venice Gondola ride now because it is sinking and you may not get a second chance!



Written and contributed by Isabelle Lawson


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