Vegetarian and Vegan Dining In Cuzco, Peru. Great Gem!

Vegetarian and Vegan Dining In Cuzco, Peru. Great Gem!

My dream was to visit Macchu Picchu in Peru. You can not just take an airline to get there. You must go by bus and train via the town of Cusco.

This quaint little town possesses treasures such as a glorious cathedral, a grand hotel which was formerly a monastery; a narrow, winding alleyways of artisan shops, entertainment venues where individuals wearing indigenous attire performer traditional, regional dances; and Govinda's... a vegetarian/vegan restaurant!

Govindas is a vegetarian restaurant chain run by local Hare Krishnas which is popular in Central and South American countries. They typically serve Indian food. In every country where I've dined in their restaurants, the food was delicious! Their Cuzco location actually serves traditional Peruvian food. It is located in a smal alleyway but easy to find. They serve both vegetarian and vegan options.

As a vegan, I was absolutely thrilled to find this gem in the middle of this sparsely populated region. I dined on a Peruvian traditional dish called "lomo saltado" (vegan version was stir-fry "faux" beef and veggies). It was mouth-wateringly scrumptious! My appetizer and tea were equally superb. Their menu even included a few vegan desserts.

This restaurant truely is a great find in Cuzco! I highly recommend it and give it two thumbs up!