Van Don: The Second Halong Bay in Vietnam

Van Don: The Second Halong Bay in Vietnam

Possessing many miraculous caves, including Soi Nhu cave or Ha Giat cave and stunning beaches with pure blue water and white sand, such as Quan Lan and Minh Chau, Van Don is considered to be the second Halong Bay of the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam.


The Location of Van Don

Van Don has many islands in the vicinity, with over 600 large and small islands connected together to form a barrier in the South China Sea. This destination still retains its wild beauty beside Bai Tu Long which is immense and majestic with bumpy rocks.


Minh Chau Island

In addition, Minh Chau Island is one of the rare islands that conserves its natural beauty. Coming here, quite a few young people can ride bicycles on the tree shaded streets and stroll on the white sand beach stretching for over two kilometers. Minh Chau is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. This beach is ideal for swimming and organizing games. Next to Minh Chau is Tram virgin forest. While visiting here, tourists will experience the feeling that Minh Chau is completely different from other beaches in Central Vietnam and North Vietnam.


Things to Do in Minh Chau Island

Here, you will get opportunities to experience the life of fishermen, together with the local people going out to the sea to catch fish or squid in the evening. After waking up early, you will have opportunities to catch sa sung (the name of a kind of seafood), then enjoy the dishes from the fruits of your own labor. Some other destinations like Cai Bau, Ngoc Vung, Quan Lan are famous for beautiful beaches and virgin forests with rare animals and sacred temples.


Not only is Van Don known as a tourist site which is surrounded by sea, islands and beautiful spots, it also encourages tourists to learn about local culture and spiritualism due to the presence of the one-time busy commercial port or temples of talented generals, built during the history of the nation.