Valencia: The Futuristic City of Arts & Science

Valencia: The Futuristic City of Arts & Science

The City of Arts & Science is a beautiful photogenic urban and even futuristic landscape, designed by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava.

The complex is situated in the dry riverbed Turia close to the sea. The architect uses immense water basins to bring back the water into the river.


The City is divided in six ornaments:

- The first one is the Hemisfèrique, which is an IMAX theatre and a planetarium. It is in the shape of a half sphere. In the evening it looks like an eye when there is a reflection of the piece in the water.

- The Science Museum is founded in 2000 and is a great playground for children of all ages. Scientific proofs can be experienced by doing them yourself.

- Oceanogràfic is the sea-aquarium, with all kinds of fish, birds and mammals living underneath street level in huge water basins. There is even an dolphin show and they use the water from the Mediterranean sea.

- Palau de les Arts is the showpiece of Calatrava. The opera is a big eye-catching piece of art as a whale coming out of the water or a stranded ship. Not only the exterior is spectacular, but also the interior is worth a visit.

- The Umbracle is the shadow garden, which is the decor of the most popular open air club of Valencia.

- Agora is an event hall. The ATP tennis tournament is held here every year, along with lots of other events.


Although every single building is worth a visit, you can also walk through the futuristic complex and experience the effect it has. No wonder that Disney chose this scenery for their new movie Tomorrowland, which will have its expecting opening night in May 2015.

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