Using the metro and the bus in Montreal, Canada

Using the metro and the bus in Montreal, Canada

The public transit system, run by Société de transport de Montréal (STM), is safe, efficient, and pleasant to use. Tickets valid for one trip (including transfer) on the metro and buses cost $2.75 each.
STM now uses chipped cards. Ticket costs are $2.75, or $20 for 10, or $20 for 1 week. The card itself is rechargeable, and is called Opus. To transfer, insert your card or put the Opus card on the reader.

Tourist passes offer unlimited travel on the bus and metro for periods of one day ($9) or three days ($17) and are well worth it. They are available from most downtown metro stations during the summer, but only at Berri-UQAM, Peel, and Bonaventure stations on the off-season. Weekly ($19.25 regular, $11 for students under 18; valid from the nearest Sunday of purchase) and monthly ($66.25 regular, $37 for students under 25) passes are also available. Only students studying at a recognized academic institution in Montréal may benefit from student fares and a special card must be obtained from the STM.

The STM website offers an on-line trip-planner service called Tous azimuts. bus and Metro system maps are available from the ticket booth at most metro stations.

At each subway station, directions are not indicated by compass directions, such as Westbound or Eastbound. Instead, trains go in the direction of a subway line's terminus. The green line runs from Angrignon in the west to Honore-Beaugrand in the east. If you were to travel eastbound, you would look for "Honore-Beaugrand" on the platform. There are four interchange stations at which commuters can change subway lines: Snowdon (Blue/Orange Line), Lionel-Groulx (Orange/Green), Berri-UQAM (Green/Yellow/Orange), and Jean-Talon (Orange/Blue).

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