Useful Packing Tips for Winter Travel

Useful Packing Tips for Winter Travel

We have to deal with packing woes whether it be summer, winter, spring or autumn.

This particular area that is associated with travel continues to be problematic for most travelers. The worry slightly increases when you are traveling during the winter season. Added to the other clothes are now jackets, hoodies, warm underclothes, socks and it is likely that I am still forgetting an item or two.

Yes, traveling in winters is a little harder comparatively, but you must award travel to yourself because the season can get gloomy and depressing if you lock yourself indoors at home. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some very useful packing tips for travel in the winter season.


Travel Tips for Winter Travel

Be Organized

It always helps to be organized. For winter traveling there are multiple items to be packed, so it is a good idea to make a list. This way the chances of forgetting something are reduced considerably. Tick off the items as you pack them.


Wear the Bulkiest Clothing to the Airport

So this trick is to help keep your luggage weight in check and make some room for other things. If you wear your heavy boots, coat or big jacket to the airport, your luggage will be able to breathe better and along with that go through weight screening without trouble.


Utilize Every Space

You can put your leggings and socks into boots and shoes if you can’t figure out how to fit them in.


Thermals, Chap Stick and Lotion

These are the three most essential winter items to pack for the winter holidays. Chapped lips and dry skin can be really annoying. And the bone chilling cold really requires thermals.



So how do you go about putting things in the bag? Do you have a plan or do you just fold them and put them inside in no particular order. I really hope you are one of the planners. Because if you are unorganized, your luggage will fill up pretty quickly and half the items will still be lying outside on the floor. Layering is a great key to packing in the winters. What you do is that you categorize all your clothes. First put in the inner most layer that includes tank tops, thermals and camisoles. Next comes the t-shirts and pants. Last comes the top most layer consisting of jackets and scarfs etc. If you follow this simple rule, you will be able to fit in all the things quite easily.


Invest in a Suitable Suitcase

Since winter clothing takes up more space and the number of clothing items increase too, you must invest in a good, spacious suitcase. Try to get one which has a number of external pockets where you can keep your socks, gloves and other such items.


Repeat Clothes

What you are wearing in the outermost layer is the only thing you should worry about. So for the inner clothes, you don’t have to pack something new for each day. You can easily repeat thermals, T-shirts etc.


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