The Undiscovered (Until Recently) Koh Rong Island

The Undiscovered (Until Recently) Koh Rong Island

Angkor Wat is the most popular and significant attraction in The Kingdom of Cambodia. And why shouldn't it be?  It's spectacular architecture and vast expanse of ancient ruins is something that all kinds of travelers will appreciate.


The country's coast is a backpacker's paradise with cheap accomodation, booze, food and parties. The best part however, is that towns like Sihanoukville and Kampot are not overtly crowded. 

But the actual treasure of Cambodia is a tiny island called Koh Rong Island.

This is the jewel of the crown situated two hours away from Sihanoukville. The island was not found by mainstream travellers until recent years. 

When you get off the boat on this island, you'll see a pristine stretch of white sandy beach with turquoise waters. You won't even need snorkeling goggles, just stand in the water and see fish swim around!  Hike up to the other side of the island which is a lot less inhabited. You can actually get to the island and back to Sihanoukville in a day but to best experience it spend a couple of days while life's philosophies traverse your mind.


Getting there: Ferry

Things to do:  Dive , Hike, Boat ride, Laze, Snorkel

Accomodation: Koh Rong Backpackers