The Un-Jack-The-Ripper-Tour in London

The Un-Jack-The-Ripper-Tour in London

Of all the cool things to do in London, the Jack the Ripper tour has always intrigued me

Far be it from the rational side of my brain to want to walk in the path of a stark raving lunatic on a killing spree much less pay to do so , but the rave reviews we’ve gotten over the years from friends who have done it compelled me and my friends to take a try. 

So, we arrived, we booked a private tour via the hotel’s concierge (who shall remain nameless, read on) and we hopped in a taxi for an arrival on the said corner near the Tower Hill tube stop at half-past-seven PM sharp. Heavy winter wear adorned, cameras in hand, and our wallets a little lighter from the hefty charge for what we were sold on as the best private Jack The Ripper Tour in town.


OK, so we waited on a desolate corner, long after the city’s workers had left for the day.  And we waited, a cold wind blew in and the street got dark. The rustling of leaves along the sidewalks coupled with the odd car passing by.  Having figured we must be in the wrong place, we sauntered down to the nearest Tower Hill tube entrance- door barred shut (with chains!)  Four ladies on a streetcorner without a taxi in sight, nor a phone number to call for assistance doesn’t look or feel too good.

We wondered, was THIS the tour? 

Because if it is, we’re already pretty scared and starting to feel like Jack-The-Ripper victims. 


We spun around in a frantic pace, looking for a way out of this dark and desolate mess after 45 minutes, only to discover that on the far left hand corner of the intersection stood a restaurant/pub called Hung, Drawn & Quartered (of course it was). 

Figuring the night couldn’t get any worse and resigning to the fact that this was par for the course, we went in and proceeded to drown our Jack-The-Ripper-Tour-missing-sorrows in a few pints and heavily deep fried treats.  We laughed hard and made the most of it, because the best itineraries in life never ever follow a straight line. 

A scary calorie and carb count wasn’t exactly the fright we were looking for so heed our advice and be sure to book with a reputable company.  We can now recommend a few with confidence!