Typical dutch windmills in Amsterdam

Typical dutch windmills in Amsterdam

Windmills were not built in urban areas, since the buildings obstructed the wind. The Amsterdam windmills were all originally outside the city walls. Nearest to the centre are De Gooyer and De Otter:

- De Gooyer (1814, restored) on Funenkade is the site of the popular microbrewery Brouwerij t' IJ.

- De Otter (1631), a restored and functioning sawmill, opposite Buyskade, west of the Jordaan.

- De Bloem (1878) on the Haarlemmerweg 465 at Nieuwpoortkade.

- De 1200 Roe, Haarlemmerweg 701 near Seineweg.

- De 100 Roe (1674), in the Ookmeer sports fields along Ma Braunpad.

- D'Admiraal (1792), Noordhollandschkanaaldijk 21, on the bank of the Noordhollands Kanaal in the north, ferry from Central Station.

- Riekermolen (1636) on the bank of the Amstel river at Kalfjeslaan.

- De Jonge Dikkert in Amstelveen (corner of Molenweg and Amsterdamseweg) is now a restaurant.

Only the Molen van Sloten and De Gooyer are open for visitors. The Molen van Sloten at Akersluis 10, about 10 minutes walk from the terminus of tram line 2, open daily from 10:00AM to 4PM. De Gooyer at Funenkade, Bus 22, Tram 7, open Wednesday to Sunday from 3PM to 7PM.

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