Turks and Caicos: 7 Fun Ways to Play in Providenciales

Turks and Caicos: 7 Fun Ways to Play in Providenciales

Tucked away in the north-western corner of the Turks and Caicos’ collection of islands, Provindenciales - although officially a British Overseas Territory - is 38 square miles of Caribbean goodness.

By that I mean, pristine power-white sand beaches, startling clear blue water, friendly people, tasty food, spectacular dive sites and swoon-worthy sunsets.

With direct flights from London, Canada and multiple cities in the US, it’s very easy to get to so there’s no valid reason for you not to go.

In order to help you plan your next trip, I’ve compiled a short list of suggestions for fun things to do while there:

Go horseback riding

There are two stables on the island but I booked my adventure with Provo Ponies, a small riding outfit that started out rescuing abandoned and abused horses and providing them with a home. I had so much fun! Depending on your experience level, you either walk, trot or canter down a slight incline along sparse dirt roads and into the water at a secluded beach.  The horses are carefully matched to the riders and as a beginner, I appreciated the safety tips the instructors gave ahead of the ride. They show you how to mount and dismount, hold the reins, adjust equipment and let you move around inside the corral so you get comfortable astride your horse before you head out on the trail. They have two guided horseback rides Monday through Friday, and either private or group rides can be arranged.
Website: www.provoponies.com


Visit the island fish fry

A weekly event held on Thursdays, the island fish fry is THE meeting place for locals, resident expats and tourists to get together and have fun. It’s held in a beachside outdoor venue and is a colourful and flavourful mixture of food and craft stalls, interspersed with live music and dancing. Try a conch burger or some fried fish with some peas and rice. And be sure to pass by the bar for a few rum cocktails. Admission is free but you have to purchase your food and drink.


Take a sunset cruise

Cruise on an easy-to-fall-in-love-with schooner called the Atabeyra from Sunset Charters. The captain slowly makes his way from the dock out to the Barrier Reef where you can jump off for a little snorkeling and then he continues up the Caicos Cay chain as far as Ft. George Cay. There you get to revel in the luxury of your own private beach. The vessel can accommodate from two to 50 people and the crew stocks the boat with water, drinks and chips. Music, chatter and laughter round out the experience. Snorkel gear is included.
Website: www.sailatabeyra.com


Eat at Da Conch Shack

There are beach bars, and then there are beach bars. In my opinion, Da Conch Shack competes with the best of the best. It has a prime location beachside, serves affordable food and drink and has affable staff who take very good care of you. Plus, they have fresh conch; lots and lots of sumptuous conch. You can have it in so many ways: as a chowder or served cracked (i.e. fried in a batter), curried, or cooked with a coconut or creole sauce.
Website: www.daconchshack.com


Adopt a puppy for day

Thanks to Potcake Place, a dog rescue charity dedicated to nursing stray pups back to health and giving them some well needed TLC, families with young kids or adult pet lovers can adopt a puppy for the day. If enough bonding goes on during the day out on the beach or elsewhere, it is not unheard of for visitors to make longer-term arrangements.  Many persons have made the decision to take an animal home.
Website: www.potcakeplace.com


Go shopping for unique finds

If a puppy isn’t your idea of the cutest souvenir, well there are other one-of a kind shopping finds too. Some of my favourite discoveries were hidden in plain view at: Anna’s Too!, Orion Creations, The Coconut Body Shop, Driftwood Studio and Rumeurs (yes, it's spelt like that!). Go check them out!


And if you're thinking of places to stay, the island has many options. You can choose barefoot and affordable luxury, or private villa rentals and exclusive retreats.  When I go, I stay at Ocean Club Resorts, two sister properties a mile apart on Grace Bay, one of the worlds best beaches. Website: www.oceanclubresorts.com

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