Trekking Guide to the Upper Dolpo Region of Nepal

Trekking Guide to the Upper Dolpo Region of Nepal

The Upper Dolpo Trek is one of most wild and interesting trekking destinations of Nepal.


The Geography of The Upper Dolpo

It covers an area of 7889 sq. kilometers, is the largest district of Nepal and one of the most sparsely populated.

Phoksundo Lake is the deepest lake at the highest altitude in the world. Dolpo is one of the few districts in Nepal that is behind the Himalayan Mountain.


The Weather of the Upper Dolpo

Due to the formation of the shadow valley in the upper Dolpo, there is less rain in the summer compared to other trekking destinations. Dry weather combined with high hills makes this area one of the most inhospitable, yet the barren and majestic hills lend it a rare beauty that is absolutely mesmerizing.

The mystical land of Dolpo is where centuries old Buddhist and Bonpo traditions have interwoven with shamanistic influences and it is still an important part of daily life.


The Trip Itinerary

The journey starts with a  flight to Juphal from Kathmandu.  The Upper Dolpo Trek is navigated via Phoksundo Lake. This trek crosses many mountain passes, some of them higher than 5,000 m. Thus, this is a difficult route. The shining turquoise blue waters of Lake Ringmo, Shey Gompa, Namgung, Saldang, Dho Tarap Villages and the people you meet during this trek will create an unforgettable memory. The landscapes here are even more desolate than on the Lower Dolpa and the villages even more isolated and pure. At the end of thr trek fly back to Kathmandu from Juphal.


When to Visit

The months of April to September are a good time to undertake the Upper Dolpo Trek. Before April all high passes are blocked by snow and after September it starts to snow. Still trekking is possible till the end of October with heavy-duty equipment. And after November it is impossible to trek in the upper Dolpo due to the high risk of snowfall.


The Flora and Fauna of the Upper Dolpo

The Upper Dolpa region is full of rare herbs and wild animals. The Upper Dolpo Trek is a lucky one, enabling sighting of blue sheep, ghoral, cheetah and even snow leopards and many other species of animals. Dolpa is home to rare plants like Cordyceps Sinensis, Nardostachys, Dactylorhiza Hatagirea etc.