Travelling Abroad for the First Time? Here is All You Need to Know

Travelling Abroad for the First Time? Here is All You Need to Know

Are you travelling abroad for the first time? There are a number of things you need to keep in mind to have a hassle-free trip.

From the health and security to the identification and traveling, conforming with these tips will make you have a fine trip abroad that you will cherish for your entire life.

Health and Security

You need to take care of the following when travelling abroad.

  • Check in with your doctor and insurance carrier and make sure that you have done all the vaccinations that you need. Also check for any additional policies with your insurance holder, alternatively buy additional travel insurance (here's why).
  • Get your passport photocopied and also keep an electronic copy of the passport just in case the original one goes missing.
  • Register with your embassy so that you can be located in case anything happens in the country you are visiting.



  • Research about the monetary conversions and also check if your credit card will work in the country you are travelling to or not. You will most likely need to inform your bank of the countries and dates that you are traveling.
  • It is always better to exchange money beforehand as exchanging it at the airport will cost you a lot.
  • Your credit card may not be accepted everywhere. Therefore, it is better to always keep some local cash with you, even if it is in small amounts.
  • Some countries require travelers to pay a certain entrance and exit fee. These are not included in the ticket fees and can range from $25 to $200. Check about the entrance and exit fees beforehand to avoid any last minute surprises.


Luggage and Packing

  • It is always a good idea to carry an additional set of clothes in your hand carry. This will come in handy if due to any reason your luggage does not reach you on time or is lost. You don’t want to spend your trip abroad shopping for new clothes.
  • Do not pack anything and everything. This will make it difficult for you to manage your luggage and carry it. Only pack the essential items you are sure you will need in the new country.


Local Research

  • It is a good idea to buy tickets in advance of the places you are sure about travelling and are also sure about the dates. This will help you save money you will have to spend on last minute tickets and will also help you in skipping long queues at the airport.
  • Getting guidebooks will make it easy for you to move around in the new country. These travel books include maps as well as the common phrases and words you should know in the new country. This will help you a lot in communicating with the locals, in case they do not understand English.


Now that you are aware of the things you need to know before travelling abroad, you can plan your tip and have a great time.