Travellers Thursday - A Traveller Community in Bangalore, India

Travellers Thursday - A Traveller Community in Bangalore, India

If you are travelling through India, then this is a community you should know about - Travellers Thursday.

You can ask the community for tips, help and information or if you are in Bangalore, then drop in and be a part of the event that's held every third Thursday of the month.

You could attend as a guest or if you are keen, be a speaker and share your travel experiences. The community loves hosting well-travelled speakers.

Travellers Thursday  was conceived by a group of travel enthusiasts as a non- commercial event with no fixed format. The idea is to create a community of travel enthusiasts and encourage sharing of information and resources. It is held on the third Thursday of every month at Jaaga, an experimental community space at Double Road, Bangalore.

The event is run entirely by volunteers.

Plans for future events include talks on destinations and experiences, inviting travellers passing through the city for the event, jam sessions and screening of short travel films. Each event will last about 2 hours from 7pm - 9pm with a little extra time for socialising post the event. 


For event updates: or 

Follow @travel_thursday or the hashtag #travelthurs


Disclosure: I am part of the volunteer group at Travel Thursday.

Read more about it here:–-travellers-thursday