Traveling By Bus From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Traveling By Bus From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

While I was sent to Kuala Lumpur for work-related purposes, I could not extend my stay and plan a visit to Singapore when I was so close to it.

Therefore, as soon as my business trip ended, I began researching ways to arrive and tour Singapore within two days.

Taking everything into consideration, here’s why I zeroed down on taking a bus from KL to Singapore.  I booked bus tickets and experienced a hassle free journey.


Bus Travel from KL to Singapore

Convenience of Taking a Bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore:

Even though a flight is obviously faster, many visitors prefer boarding a bus because of the convenient departure points located across KL. To catch a flight, one will have to travel to KLIA2, which is a good 50-60 minutes away from the main city area where most tourists reside.

Also, given that the check-in time for boarding a bus is just half an hour, compared to the two hours’ check-in time for flights, I decided that the bus was going to be easiest for me.

Most buses depart from the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) bus terminal. However, the other popular departure points include Berjaya Times Square, KL Sentral, Pudu Sentral and Chinatown.

Making the bus ride more convenient is the fact that you can buy tickets online and simply collect the pass on arriving at the terminal point.


Reasonable Bus Fare from KL to Singapore:

The final selling point for me? The standard bus fare is between RM 45-100 depending on the class of the coach. The trip is economical and one that provides comforts such as reclining seats and Wi-Fi as well.


Singapore City

Singapore is much more than the number of endless attractions that it has. The city is constantly evolving at a rapid pace and is known to always re-imagine and re-invent itself.

Singapore is one such city where foodies, hobby collectors, explorers, travelers, action enthusiasts and people who love to socialise, meet. This is precisely why Singapore has a new story and a new experience to boast about every day.

Singapore has always been known as a playground for the rich and this description stands true – thanks to the large sheen of wealth that the city possesses.


Things to See and Do in Singapore

Singapore offers more than just high end shopping malls and seven star luxury hotels. There are quite a few fine dining places here that you should definitely indulge in if you are planning to tag your family around. 

The city-state has a vibrant history and diverse ethnic quarters to explore from. Also not to forget the plenty of family friendly attractions and the most revered public places.

This has made the city a must visit in Asia. The city-state has an excellent Bus Transportation system that makes getting around the city a breeze.



The moment you step into the city, you will realise that it is a medley of skyscrapers and subways of a modern and futuristic city. People from different places live side by side.

For example Chinese, Malaysian and Indian people reside here in harmony and contribute to the tasty food. The climate here is tropical so it will be best to visit during the winter months.