Travel Tips To Galicia - Spain

Travel Tips To Galicia - Spain

Are you planning a trip to Spain?

Then you should defintly visit the north, the region of Galicia, which is one of the Celtic Nations together with Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany, Wales, Asturias.


Therefore find here some tips and hightlights for your travel to Galicia:

1. Go to the north coast.

Las Catedrales beach is one of the most amazing places you will find. Located in Ribadeo county, it’s all natural performance, the Cantabric Sea, the wind and cliffs.

Water is really cold so be sure you surf with your neoprene. Nice hiking along the coast, relaxing in the terraces with a good book, coffee and listen to the lovely sounds of the waves.


2. Get lost in Santiago de Compostela.

No matter if you are a catholic person or not, here you will discover a huge historical and universal city. It’s mandatory to get inside the Cathedral through “Pórtico de la Gloria” and spend enough time walking around it.

Delight yourself contemplating the marvellous historic buildings. Try all the good food in the down town, wines and beers.


3. Visit the end of the world.

Torre de Hércules (La Coruña) is the oldest and unique Romanic lighthouse in the world still working. Regarding how it was built, there are several legends some related to Hercules and other to Breogan.

In 1994 the “Rosa de los Vientos” was built as a commemoration for Celtic nations. You can get inside an go to the top, with an awesome view of La Coruña city and the “Costa de morte”


4. Enjoy good food, either natural steak or seafood.

Any village across the region will show you how good is the quality of our vegetables, meat (beef and pork) and seafood, served with white wine (Albariño). What an awesome pleasure!


5. Fall in love with wine.

Red or white wine are equily awesome. Just a few suggestions and choices:

a) White (Lorbazán IS – Terras Gauda – Pazo de Señorans 2005 – Gallaecia 2009 – Sameirás 1040 2011)
b) Red ( Ladairo Barrica 2010 – Diego de Lemos 2011 – Hush 2010 – Traste 2011)


6. Discover any small village and walk around, talk to the people, eat in the local restaurants ( some villages as Portomarín, Estaca de bares, Piedrafita de O Cebreiro, Negreira ).

Try to visit some of the local parties and festivals as: San Froilán in Lugo, Rapa das bestas in Sabucedo village, Festa do Albariño in Cambados.

Finally, just enjoy the landscape and culture, the best thing to do is getting lost :)


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