Travel Tips for Exploring Taiwan's Green Island

Travel Tips for Exploring Taiwan's Green Island

Thousands of tiny islands adorn the Pacific, and these remnants of volcanic eruptions have evolved into tourist hot spots, with prime diving and scenic beaches.

Green Island, located 21 miles off the eastern coast of Taiwan, is the perfect place to escape the congested mainland. No traffic noise or pollution here;  just the coast, green mountains, and plush vegetation. 

For those of you working in Taiwan, it can easily be done in a weekend!


From Kaohsiung:

Hop on a train to Taitung (approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes and $360NT), take a quick taxi ride to the ferry dock (10-15 minutes $375NT), and then take the ferry (50 minutes $920NT round-trip) to Green Island.


From Taipei: 

Train to Taitung is approximately 4 hours and 40 minutes, and the average fair is $785NT


Travel Tips:

1. Make sure to purchase your train tickets in advance at Kaohsiung or Taipei Main Station, as the tickets to Taitung are popular. Visit Taiwan Railway for train times and prices, but don’t rely on the website to order tickets. I found that many times tickets were sold out online, only to be available at the station.

2. When you arrive in Taitung, head for the Visitor Center at the train station, and they will point you in the right direction. The lady there spoke English, and she even reserved our ferry tickets for us. (Our ferry left Taitung at 11:30 AM on Saturday, and departed Green Island at 2:30 PM on Sunday).

3. If you wish to rent a scooter on Green Island you must have a motorcycle license. No exceptions. They are very strict because an American without a license died in an accident last April. Scooters go for around $350NT a day, and bicycles go for around $150 (depends on your haggling skills). The circumference of the island by road is only 12 miles, so cycling is a feasible option.

4. Free camping can be found on the grounds next to the hot springs, and at the elementary or middle school.

5. Visit the salt water hot springs while there (they are one of only three in the world). Entrance fee $200NT


*Take only photographs, leave only footprints


Travel tip shared by Jenna Longoria


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