travel tip Underground Camping in Coober Pedy, Australia

travel tip Underground Camping in Coober Pedy, Australia

Welcome to Coober Pedy. The town where most of the worlds opals are from! The name Coober Pedy comes original from the Aborigines and means “white man in a hole”. Why is that? During the summer months, the temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius and can even rise up to 50 degrees Celsius. This is so hot, that the residents live in caves which are bored into the hillsides and a lot of them work underground in the mine shafts. Even the tourists can live and camp underground…

…Yes! You can find the worlds only underground camping ground in Coober Pedy! It is an experience to camp underground, I can tell you. If you don't want to camp underground, there are also camp and powered sites above ground.

Ribas Underground Camping & Tourist Park is located 4 km south of Coober Pedy. They've got a fully enclosed BBQ and kitchen area, an underground TV and common room and it's the only campground of Coober Pedy who offers free showers. But you should use the water economically, of course. It's also a great spot to watch the stars at night.

If you decide to sleep under ground, you can choose if you want to build up your tent or if you just sleep in your sleeping bag and on your mattress. There are small dug outs in the alley, these are the spots for you. It can get very busy at Ribas Underground Campground. Once there were over 90 persons underground and sleeping. If really everyone was able to sleep… They even lied in the alleys. I don't have to tell you that you can hear every loud down there, even the snoring of the others. It's very clangourous. But there is always fresh air and a nice temperature of around 24 degrees Celsius.

An underground place to sleep costs around $12 per person and per night. There are also underground double rooms. These cost around $25 per person and per night. A campsite above ground costs around $8 per person and night and a powered site costs above around $20 per double and per night.

The owners of Ribas Underground Campground also offer very informative guided tours through their own opal mine.

Ribas Underground Campground & Tourist Park