travel tip guesthouse for Bangkok, Thailand

travel tip guesthouse for Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the major cities of Asia and it's also one of the most interesting ones. But a lot of new arrivals leave the city again after just a few days. Possible reasons might be the smog, the traffic, too many people, the polution, etc. But the more often you come back, the more you'll start loving Bangkok! At the moment you start getting from A to B faster and easier and without paying more and you even start using the public bus system, you'll start enjoying the city. The atmosphere at the Klongs (canals) and in the different districts is special and it's easy to stay a whole week sightseeing.

All you need is a 'gemuetliche' accommodation which shouldn't really be close to the Khao San Road. Nothing against a nice beer at the Khao San Road in the evening, but if you find a small paradise there?

Just a 5 minute ride by taxi you'll get that paradise accommodation! It's the Shanti Lodge! There are two... one is on Phuket and the other one is in Bangkok.

It's my oasis of Bangkok. There you can chil and listen to some nice music after a stressful & busy day. You'll get different veg-&nonvegetarian meals. The prices of the rooms are good. We payed for a double room with a shared bath around EUR 8,-. There are also a few rooms with an en-suite toilet, which cost around EUR 10,-.

You'll pay around 2 EUR more per room, if you would like to use the air con. You'll be lucky if the boss of the Shanti Lodge is in town. His name is 'Happy' and that describes him perfect! He doesn't really care about making money and how much he earns (he has got other people who do this for him). His main job is to keep the travelers happy and to have a good vibe in the Shanti Lodge. He is doing a great job with it!

The Shanti Lodge is our home away from home in Bangkok!