travel tip Guaira waterfalls, salto monday falls,

travel tip Guaira waterfalls, salto monday falls,

10km away from Ciudad del Este. Magnificent 45m high waterfalls. Once the Guairá waterfalls disappeared, these remain as the major waterfalls of Paraguay. Municipal Park with a watchtower and footpaths. Town House: (595 61) 553 333

Eco-Reserva Mbatoví:

This ecological reservation area is located at the branch road connecting Paraguarí and Piribebuy. When traveling on Road 1 it is at a distance of 72km from Asunción, and 93km when traveling on Road 2. It is located at the Cordillera de los Altos and is the largest ecological adventure park of our country. Rappelling on a 30m high natural mountain wall side and suspension bridges in the forests can be practiced. A natural reservation area with spring water, brooks, cascades, woods, and moss and fern covered rocky mountain paths. Phones: (595 21) 444 844 – (595 971) 299 250. For reservations in Asunción: Alberdi 1445 e/e 2ª y 3ª.

Brook Tagatiyá
90km away from Concepción when traveling on the road to Vallemí. Brook with clear waters on a calcareous ground, surrounded by luxurious vegetation (high trees, fern and bamboo plants). Snorkeling to observe the fish where the brook forms a natural reservoir, rubber boat excursions on the brook, tirolesa (crossing a river with a pulley sliding on a tightened rope), horseback ridings and trekking. The cattle ranches Ña Blanca and Santa Irene offer lodging facilities. Guest rooms, rustic cottages and camping places. Information: Agencia Aventura Concepción. Rosa Fernández. Phones: (595 31) 42742 – (595 971) 819 822.

Ranch Laguna Blanca
287km away from Asunción. Road 3 until the crossroad Cruce Santa Rosa at km 260, from there 27km to the east. White sand beaches and high dunes. A water surface with an extension of 150hectares of transparent waters, appropriate for snorkeling and boat excursions. Rural activities and horseback ridings, camping area. Phones: (595 21) 422020 – (595 971) 167600. Affiliated to APATUR. Reservation office: (595 21) 210550 int. 126/7.

National Park Ybycuí
On Road 1 to Carapeguá, from there on the branch road to Acahay, Ybycuí and the Ybycuí National Park. It was created in 1973 with an extension of 5.000hectares of mountainous area and up to 400m high hills, forests, springs of water, brooks and cascades. It is the most visited national park and it keeps an interesting historical site. Historical area: La Rosada: Ironworks of the middle of the XIX Century. During peace times, rails for the railway, iron pieces for shipyards, and tools were manufactured there. It was attacked and destroyed by the allies on May 17th of 1869, during the Triple Alliance War. Amusement area: Visitors’ Center, camping place, toilets, dressing rooms, educational trekking under the guidance of park keepers; the brooks Mina and Corrientes, the Mina, Guaraní and Mbocaruzú Falls among other natural attractions. Information: Secretaría del Ambiente /SEAM (Environmental Office) (595 21) 615 812.


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