Travel tip backpacker accommodation close to the Pancake Rocks, New Zealand

Travel tip backpacker accommodation close to the Pancake Rocks, New Zealand

You are driving along the West Coast of New Zealand and you want to see the pancake rocks, which are in between Greymouth and Westport. We can recommend you one Backpacker which is very close to the pancake rocks and it lies in the middle of the rain forest...

... it's the Te Nikau Retreat, Self-Contained and Backpacker Accommodation! There you have the choice between four large lodges, four smaller units or three campsites. All these possibilities are surrounded by five acres of rainforest and each unit got its own privacy.

If you are arriving in a bigger group or alone, you'll get the right accommodation. Here you get information about the main lodges:

The Ruru Lodge is the main house, where you have internet access and a guest phone. There are double and single rooms which start around $53 with a shared bath. A room with an en suite bathroom costs around $68. There is a fully equipped kitchen and you can buy daily fresh baked bread and muffins.

The Rata Lodge is the right place for groups and families. It's got 2 double rooms upstairs (around $56 per room and per night), 6 single beds in the mezzanine (around $23 per person), one spacious kitchen, 2 toilets, 2 showers and one lounge.

You have to walk along a small path through the rainforest until you reach the Te Nikau House. This house is also surrounded by palms and rain forest, like the others. It's ideal for singles, couples or small groups as they've got one small double room (around $43 per night) in the loft, another double room (around $55 per night) upstairs and 4 single beds (around $25 per person and night) in the dorm room. There is of course also a kitchen, 2 toilets and 2 showers.

The Weka Lodge is really something special, as you will find the kitchen in a conservatory. So you'll get a feeling of cooking in the middle of the rain forest. There are 7 single beds (around $23 per person and per night) and a shared toilet and shower.

Do you like to watch the stars at night? Then the Stargazer could be the right accommodation for you. It's got the structure of a tent, it's made of wood, but got a glass in the roof, so that you can watch the stars while lying. The Stargazer is made for two persons and costs around $33 per night. There is no electricity and you have to share the facilities with the Te Nikau House or the Ruru Lodge.

The 3 campsites are scattered throughout the bush and cost around $15 per person.

All the prices get $3 cheaper if you are a member of the YHA or BBH. You should bring enough food with you, as the next supermarket is in Greymouth or Westport (both about 50 km away).

The different lodges are really cool, but it's not all what they've got to offer. Just after a few moments walk, you'll reach the sea with a beautiful beach and a nice view along the coast. You can stay here a bit longer than just one night, because the area got more to offer than just the pancake rocks. The Te Nikau Retreat is in the heart of the Paparoa National Park and there are a lot of different activities for you like canoeing, horse riding, bush walks, Off-road adventures, White Water Rafting etc.


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