Travel a New Region by Working Abroad

Travel a New Region by Working Abroad

Hey Travel Dudes!

My name is Charlie. I am going to tell you a story about how I saved enough money working abroad to then travel the world for 11 months. This should appeal to you all, as it allows you to explore a new region, whilst simultaneously earning money for future travels.


My Gap Year

I had just finished High School in the UK and I wanted to take a year off (Gap Year) before attending College/University, to see the world and give myself time to think about what I wanted to do later in life.

Many of my friends were finding mundane jobs in the UK to fund their travels and they subsequently only spent 6 months traveling out of the whole year. 


My Work and Travel Plan

My plan, was to move abroad to explore a new culture and environment and also work (giving me valuable life experience and also allowing me to meet new exciting people and save up for the rest of my gap year). 


A Job in Abu Dhabi

I found a job in an international school in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I had previously been on a rugby tour to Abu Dhabi and so had a rough idea of the culture but it was a big decision for a 19-year old.

Off I jetted and I began work. What was so amazing was working with children of all different ethnicities and backgrounds. The diversity of the people in the UAE is amazing with expats from around the globe and the Emirati locals.


Money Saving Tips

Working in the UAE also allowed me to earn a tax free income. With this money I got to travel to Dubai, Qatar and a few desert islands, with some money left over. (I put part of this income aside each month for the future and would not let myself touch this portion of the income).

I also only spent my money on experiences and not material goods (if you visit the UAE make sure you check out the Grand Mosque, it is stunning, head to Qasr Al Sarab a desert oasis and escape to Sir Bani Yas).

I was loving life, teaching others, saving money and meeting such interesting people.


Pursuing My Hobby in Abu Dhabi

I have another couple of tips to include here apart from combining travel and work. As you can imagine, the change from the UK to the UAE for a 19-year old was fairly daunting but I looked to pursue one of my passions, rugby.

Luckily I found a great club with such a friendly and tight-knit community. They then took me under their wing and showed me all that the UAE had to offer. So my advice would be take something you love and throw yourself into the middle of it (you will meet like-minded people).


Further Travels Around the Globe

I learnt so much about myself in my 7/8 months in Abu Dhabi and then went on to use the money I had earned to explore Brazil, Albania, Croatia, France, Spain, The Greek Islands and Amsterdam.

An incredible year all made possible by taking a risk, finding work opportunities abroad and being bold.


Bonus Tip

After playing for the club for a while, I then asked if they had any coaching jobs for some extra pocket money. They did!


Never be afraid to ask and make sure you go out of your way to meet new people and build relationships, you never know what may come of it!