Travel Lessons To Take From The Wild

Travel Lessons To Take From The Wild

There’s a reason we call it the wild -- to the untrained eye it may seem like a whole bunch of crazy that doesn’t make a lot of sense. But at the end of the day, nature’s got a lot to teach travellers about how to make it out on the safari, or even the urban jungle. 
Between being good at camouflage to being able to take charge of your trip, the lessons from the wild can the exact tips that you’ve been missing from your expeditions the whole time. 

Lessons to take from the wild

Monkey Around

There’s something that monkeys are really well-known for around my house (definitely because I’ve been called one before) and that's for monkeying around, and just having an all around a great, wild time. Why is it important to do this while you’re travelling? Because travel, the good kind, requires so much curiosity, otherwise you just end up with an all-inclusive resort sipping mai tais on a beach. Sure, some people are going to be really into that (and there’s nothing wrong with it) but that’s passive travelling, and the best kind is the active kind, where you’re climbing mountains, or jumping out of plans, or wandering through street markets until your feet can’t carry you another step or your bags are too laden with goodies to resist sitting down to sample them.
So take it from the monkeys -- be curious, be aware, and you’ll have a great time (just like these little guys).

Turtle Do

The thing everyone rags on turtles for is that they’re slow, and while that may be totally true, there’s plenty that savvy minded travellers can learn from the slow turtle, but the most important is this: packing. 
The great, most convenient thing about turtles is that they carry everything they need on their back. Sure, food is something they’ve got to make a certain effort to find, and there’s no rain jackets, or socks, or extra pairs of underwear hidden in their shells, but there is shelter, and it’s what the turtle needs and they make it convenient enough to be able to travel with it wherever they go. So turtle lesson for the day: make sure you don’t pack more than you can carry, even if you plan on getting a taxi or a car or some other sort of transportation to carry your bags for you, you never know what might happen. 

Zebra Out

What does everyone love about the zebra? That they’re basically fancy horses. Right? Usually. But as a traveller, being the one person sticking out like a sore thumb is not necessarily the best way to have the best trip. If you stick out, sometimes you can be the object of bribes, hiked prices, scams, and more in a myriad of things that you don’t really want to be happening to you while you’re on vacation. Who would? 
Instead when you’re on holiday, try to blend in with the locals as much as possible. Don’t wear bright colors if the culture calls for more somber tones. Don’t wear sandals in the city if they think it improper, and definitely, most certainly, make sure you follow the modesty laws, if there are any, wherever you go. In some parts of the world, those kinds of infractions (the short short, spaghetti strap, low back kind) can land you in hot water (and not the jacuzzi, comfortable kind).

Lion In

Take one look at the lion leading the pride and you know who’s in charge. Ditto for the alpha wolf...there’s no second guessing opinions, there is only following the main guy and exactly what he wants to do. In this situation, you definitely want to be the leader (forget the rest of the “taking care of the pack” part, unless you actually have a pack to take care of). 
What I mean in this instance is taking on the alpha male characteristics to be in charge of yourself and not just let the sands of people around you make decisions for you. When you’re on the road, it’s important that you exhibit the kind of confidence that makes you an alpha -- it means you’ll get the most out of what you want to do.

Foxy Ladies

I write this as a woman traveller, of which there is very little comparable in the world as being a girl solo traveller -- and you know what’s important to remember? You’ve got to be clever. But even if you’re not a lady, this advice can totally apply to you. 
To me, the word foxy isn’t some sexual undertone; take it from the actual fox and get sneaky. Foxes are amazingly smart, quick, and certainly able to handle situations with speed and grace. When you’re on the road, you never know when you’re going to need to be a little skittish, or quick enough on your feet to get out of a sticky situation, but as long as you’re comfortable that you’ve got the skills, there’s no need to practice -- you’ll just be ready. 
Whether you’re on a day trip to a place just 4 hours from your house or you’ve got something planned that’s going to take 4 weeks to get to the heart of, take my tips for getting the best for yourself, and you’re on your way to being the kind of traveller that everyone wishes they were -- the kind that has successful trips not once, but every time. 
Until next time...bon voyage!
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