Travel, learn and have fun: cooking classes in Italy

Travel, learn and have fun: cooking classes in Italy

There are many reasons for travelling. Work, sport, leisure, relax, discovery, challenge and lots more. And travel can also be a way to learn something new, no matter what. A language, a sport, photography, ceramics, cooking. Learning holidays can be a great experience for number of reasons. Getting familiar with something you always wished to be able to do, meet people who share same interests, get in touch with local culture.

Many people are used to consider learning vacation as something dedicated to kids and teenagers. But indeed, I'm pretty sure that you can enjoy far more the experience when you are grown up and learning is an individual choice. One thing is certain, however. Learning has to match with leasure and fun. So, what kind of courses, and where?

Cooking: being Italian, I could not help putting that at the first place... There are plenty of cooking courses, so I will focus on a few. Gambero Rosso (unfortunately information regarding the courses are only in Italina...) is the most renowned, holding classes in Rome and Napoli. The offer is really broad, always thematic, with classes lasting one or more nights. In addition, there are also periodically special courses with great chefs. Topics range from Pizza to Risotto , from how to cook fish to confectionery, and so on. There are so much opportunities that the real task is to choose. The class provides theory and then practice, uder the supervision of a chef. And in the end... All participants sit at the table to eat what they prepared. A true convivial happening!

If you plan a visit to Milano, a good address is the cooking class of La Cucina Italiana, which is also editing the most popular Cooking magazine in Italy and proposing courses in English. While Gambero rosso is strongly oriented to people working, with most classes held in the late afternoon/evening, La Cucina Italiana proposes sevaral courses also in the morning and in the afternoon. In Florence, In Tavola proposes number of cooking courses for beginners (and also for professionals), including a special class dedicated to classical Neapolitan Pizza and Ice cream (Gelato).

You plan to visit Italy but havo not decided your itinerary yet? Then have a look at Cooking Vacations, featuring a great number of cooking courses in some of the most beautiful Italian areas: Positano, Amalfi and Capri near Neaples, The Tuscany countryside, Sicily and many other regions.

No matter which course you choose. You'll certainly amaze all your friends!

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