Travel Hotspots in Vietnam

Travel Hotspots in Vietnam

As you all know Vietnam is a beautiful country which is well known for its natural beauty. This country is also stated as the world’s 14th most popular nation.

Because of their various attractions, Vietnam is capturing the attention of tourists to a greater extent. This is the reason why the number of tourists landing in Vietnam is increasing to a greater extent.

People who are planning to visit a place with traditional and cultural touch, can prioritize Vietnam without any constraint.

Even though there are several places to visit, here are some important tourist spots which must not be missed when visiting Vietnam.


Travel Hotspots in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay

This is one of the most popular places in which all tourists prefer to visit while in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is located in north east Vietnam and is supposed to have the ethnic beauty of nature. The limestone pillars in this seascape have been a great attraction to all the tourists, as well as many attractive caves and small floating islands where fishermen live. There are about four communities of people in these islands and they tend to survive through marine aqua culture. The hollow caves and the people’s culture here will help in revealing the traditional beauty.  


Thien Mu Pagoda

People who are interested in visiting pagoda can visit Thien Mu Pagoda as this is the tallest pagoda in Vietnam. This can also be considered as the iconic place to be visited in Vietnam. Even though initially this temple was simple, it was later reconstructed with enriched historical features.

Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of Perfume River as Thien Mu Pagoda is located in the bank of this river. Even though there are various historical places in Vietnam, Thien Mu Pagoda is required separate attention because of its ethnic beauty.


Hoan Kiem Lake

This is not only the favorite spot for tourism but is also considered as the best place to hang out for the residents of Vietnam. This lake has a great historical story in which it is believed that a magical sword was given by the God from heaven to the king Le Loi. It was stated that the king used this sword while invading china and it is also believed that this sword was returned back to the golden turtle god in this lake.

Apart from the historical value, this place is also visited for the color of the water. The color of this water will not be found elsewhere around Vietnam. The tortoise and the giant animals in this water are also considered to be the best part as it entertains the tourists to a greater extent.


Mekong Delta

It can be said that Mekong Delta is the richest place with all the natural wealth. Over 50% of the agricultural needs of the nation are satisfied here. Apart from agriculture, the rarest species of plants and animals are also found here. The most interesting part is that all of the villages in this river cannot be accessed by road and they can be accessed only through the river. Many tourists tend to visit Mekong Delta in order to enjoy the beauty of nature along with a boat ride.


Apart from these tourists spots there are several other places which includes Mui Ne, Sa Pa Terraces, Phu Quoc and many which have been attracting more number of tourists from all part of the world.