Travel For Free I: Enjoy Free Tours with Greeters worldwide

Travel For Free I: Enjoy Free Tours with Greeters worldwide

I’ve once read this on a street graffiti: “There’s a better world out there, but it’s too expensive”.

I have to admit it made me laugh, but believe it or not, you can travel around the world (almost) for free.
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Today I’m sharing a great resource to get free tours: Greeters.


What are Greeters?

“Greeters are volunteers who share their love for their cities in an enthusiastic and hospitable manner. A Greeter will travel with you through the city for a couple of hours and you will experience the city in a unique way, from the perspective of a person who lives there.” (

It’s a great opportunity for them to practice a foreign language… but most of them participate just for the pleasure of welcoming visitors, making new friends and showing their city with pride.

They usually go walking or using public transportation, which is a great way to have an even deeper insight into the local society.

Most of them will let you chose the neighborhood or attraction of your interest, and even the language as long as your selection is available. Some of them are sponsored by non profit organizations, and some others by the local Tourism Boards.


Some of the cities that will welcome you with a greeter program:

- Tokyo, Japan:

- Nara, Japan:

- Uji, Japan:

- New York City, USA:

- San Francisco, USA:

- Houston, USA:

- Fairbanks, Alaska, USA: 

- Toronto, Canada:

- The Hague, Netherlands:

- Melbourne, Australia:

- Adelaida, Australia: 

- Buenos Aires, Argentina:

- Paris, France:

- Nantes, France:

- Lyon, France:

- Marseille, France:

- Pas de Calais, France:

- Brighton, UK:

- Kent, UK:

- Belgrade, Serbia:


For more free tours, there are many resources out there on the internet. My best advice is to start with the Tourism Boards; most of them will offer walking tours for free or very little money.

Know other cities that offer a Greeter program? Leave your comments below!

Safe travels!!