Travel at Cheap Rate to Shanghai

Travel at Cheap Rate to Shanghai

Shanghai has been known to be an international metropolis over the years. The ambience and the energy of the place have attracted not only professionals but have also the tourists from all over the world.

Shanghai is perhaps the best example in China where ancient meets modern and fuse into something eternal. One can only understand the vigour and the aura of the place if he or she visits it as it is impossible to judge Shanghai from the virtual knowledge.


Shanghai is famous for quite a lot of things. The most important among them are enlisted below:

  1. Nanjing Road: - The no. 1 commercial road in China is the place to visit with utmost certainty while touring Shanghai. This 5.5 km road is treated as one of the most important landmarks of Shanghai. It consists of approximately 600 shops selling anything and everything ranging from the cheapest of products to products belonging to world class brands. The average number of visitors to this place is nearly 1.7 million per day.
  2. Jade Buddha Temple: - The most famous Buddhist shrine of the city and one of the most beautiful shrines in the entire country, the Jade Buddha Temple is famous for the two white statues of Buddha carried in from Burma. Inspite of the fact that a lot of people visit this temple every, day there is always an extra eye for the foreigners.
  3. Huangpu River and the Bund: - Apart from being the mother river of Shanghai, Huangpu also cuts the city into east and west. All the famous attractions of the city are centred along the banks of this river. The Bund, on the contrary, is the constellation of all the attractions and is situated on the eastern Bank of the river. It is basically treated as the highlights of the Shanghai tour as it is an assimilation of the European structures built in the 1930s as well as the most modern buildings of the new finance and commercial houses. The luminous effect of the Bund in the evening make the experience illuminating for the visitors.
  4. Xin Tian Di: - The epicentre of culture and the history of the city, Xin Tian Di is a mixture of Shikumen and modern architectural styles. As such, this has become the most desirable pedestrian street of the city apart from the fact that it is sometimes even stylish just to spend a little bit of time here especially if you are still young.

These are only the four most important destinations out of numerous found in Shanghai, and you will not be deserted of options as there are a huge number of modern sights like Disneyland, International Circuit, World Financial Centre, etc. and if you are still not satisfied then there are the sights related to the history and culture of not only Shanghai but also of the whole of China as Confucius Temple, Ancient Yi Garden, Shikumen residence, etc.


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