Travel Adventures and Places to Visit in Vietnam

Travel Adventures and Places to Visit in Vietnam

Besides being located in Southeast Asia and having a dominating communist rule, Vietnam has a lot to offer to its tourists in terms of its scenic beauty and cultural relics.

There are lots of tour companies that will steer you through the best of Vietnam.

The winding green hills and the adventurously challenging waters make you never want to leave Vietnam.


Adventures in Vietnam

Guided tours include Sapa trekking, Ninh Binh cycling and Halong Bay kayaking. 

With Sapa trekking, you can walk into oblivion without the hustle and bustle of the city on the tracks of a winding mountain until your body wants to retire.

Ninh binh cycling allows you to roam about the empty streets of Vietnam with a devil-may-care attitude filling your lungs with the cleanest air around.

At Halong Bay you can get adventurous by going kayaking in the placid yet potent waters, exploring hidden caves and lagoons.


Where to Visit in Vietnam

With a tour company the destinations to visit across Vietnam are perfectly planned. 

Hanoi, which is the capital city, has a rustic feel to it where the spirit of old medieval Asia fuses with the ones of new and modern Asia.

You can spot the Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, the temple of literature and few other heritage monuments.

Then there’s Nha Trang which has a dual personality of business and serenity co-existing in the same city.

Mekong Delta is another place you must not miss. It is said to produce enough rice to sustain all of Vietnam.


Last but not the least is the Saigon city where most of the history shared with America comes alive. The most famous War Remnant Museum is present in this city which showcases all the excrement the war in Vietnam had left with the USA.


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