TransJakarta Busway - The way for you to explore Jakarta

TransJakarta Busway - The way for you to explore Jakarta

The two most visited airports in Indonesia are Ngurah Rai airport on Bali and Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

I was once asked for help by a foreigner at Soekarna Hatta airport . She was confused and had no idea about how to get to her destination. I felt pitty for her, because the information at the airport is really not so clear.

The most important thing when you are in Jakarta is, gadget with internet.

As you won't find many information for tourist, you need to find out everything by asking people. Or the internet is the only other help.

If you are going to use the public transportation, a good and affordable one is using the Jakarta Busway. The Jakarta Busway routes are divided into several corridors. Find out details here. Note that the TransJakarta Busway is very crowded during the office rush hours. 

But its not from the airport?? Calm down...

There's a bus from the airport that is called DAMRI Airport Shuttle Bus. It links Soekarno Hatta International Airport with the city and servers every hour (depends on the bus route) and it stops at every terminal of the aiport.  Dont worry about the safety and comfort. The bus is professional and clean. Damri fare is also very cheap. It only cost you about $2 - $3,8 for a distance from aiport to the city is about 30-40 km away.

Each bus got a different destination,so make sure you are catching the right bus.  


Jakarta is a big city, divided into 5 main regions: Central, East, South, West and North Jakarta. There are a lot of interesting places here. From old town Batavia to dynamic urban and shopping centers at Central Jakarta. 

Don't forget to try to travel by using "Bajaj", the orange tricycle. It is very unique and noisy, but I enjoy my experiences when using the Bajaj. You will need bargaining skills here. Just use your body language if the driver cant speak English. Its actually around $1,7 - $3 for a short trip.

Jakarta is not always about traffic and criminals. Many people dont really know how to enjoy Jakarta. I can say, that this is a city that provides almost anything you want. From the cheapest to luxury life style. You just need to find the right information.

And don't ever avoid a crowd. Because that's what makes Jakarta special, the crowd!!  LOL

I would say Jakarta is a bit like Bangkok, but without MRT/LRT system.  Therefore Jakarta has the TransJakarta Busway now, so there's nothing to worry about.

Enjoy Jakarta :)


Written and contributed by oliviathetracks



Credit information to: Portal Damri official , wikitravel Jakarta



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