Tranquil Beauty at Northern Nicaragua’s Al Cielo

Tranquil Beauty at Northern Nicaragua’s Al Cielo

Owned by William and Xavier, two fellows who hail from Paris, France, Al Cielo is a tranquil paradise located on an absolutely beautiful piece of land overlooking the Pacific ocean.

It is a bit ironic that these two found a piece of property in Nicaragua that so closely resembles the French countryside; this place is a little slice of heaven!

At Al Cielo's restaurant you will find incredible french food inspired by Xavier, who is a trained chef, as well as lovely wines, accommodating hosts, a view of the sunset that is parallel to none, and a chilled out vibe that encourages hammock lounging and dips in their pool during the heat of the day.

William and Xavier are also experienced surfers, so you can hitch an early morning ride to the beach to catch some waves if you wish.

Al Cielo has a lot to offer if you are looking for a quiet place to stay that has a wonderful view and an amazing restaurant with a great wine and homemade flavored rum selection!