Traditional Greek Easter Dishes

Traditional Greek Easter Dishes

Greek Easter is one of the many great gastronomy customs of the country. The Greeks love tasty food, and have specific dishes to enjoy on Greek Easter - these feasts are had throughout the country.

Easter for Greeks is a very big celebration, where the whole family eats together, feasting on delicious traditional foods. The importance of this religious holiday is huge, with many special recipes getting served.


Traditional Greek Easter dishes

During the Holy Week the Greeks tend to eat mostly seafood and fresh salads. There are then different meals served on the different days throughout the Easter Weekend.

  • Saturday: On Saturday they eat soup, made with goat meat, vegetables and rice. This soup is one of the most delicious Greek dishes!
  • The night of Easter: The night of Easter the Greeks clink red eggs! They boil the eggs, painting them red. The winner of the crack is the holder of the egg that did not break!
  • Sunday: On Easter Sunday, the main dish is the roast lamb! It is served with cheese, fresh salads, and many tidbits.

All this of course accompanied by plenty of wine!