Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An, Vietnam

Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An, Vietnam

One of the best tourist attractions during a trip to Hoi An is Tra Que vegetable village, in the Cam Ha commune, which is about 3 kilometers away from Hoi An's city center.

If you have a passion for regional Vietnamese cuisine from Hoi An, with famous dishes such as  Cao Lau, rice with chicken, etc; coming to Tra Que village will be an occasion for you to learn that the fresh Tra Que vegetables are one of the secrets creating this tasty food.


The Fertile Soil of Tra Que

For a long time, Tra Que has become popular throughout many regions with over 20 kinds of vegetables grown in the fertile soil and fertilized by seaweed taken from rivers, which forms the special flavor of the vegetables, generating unique characteristics of Hoi An dishes.


The History of Tra Que

Tra Que was formed over 300 years ago and is surrounded by the De Vong River and Tra Que lagoon. The first inhabitants of this land earned a living by fishing along rivers. Recognizing advantages of natural conditions, the local residents established the vegetable village making use of the fertility brought by the seaweed.

Without chemical fertilizers, cultivated in the loose soil and mingled with seaweed, vegetables develop well and maintain the unique features of Tra Que vegetables. Until now, the total area of fresh vegetables is nearly 20 hectare with about 200 households managing the area.


Homestays in Tra Que

At Tra Que village, in addition to growing vegetables, many households provide a homestay service where the Vietnamese or foreign tourists have opportunities to help farmers plant vegetables.


Dishes to Enjoy in Tra Que

If you are not interested in cultivating vegetables, you can choose a restaurant around the vegetable gardens to enjoy Hoi An dishes containing fresh vegetables; for example, tom huu made from river shrimp and pork and mixed with the flavor of basil; fried mussels with coriander; etc.

Without Tra Que vegetables, the famous dishes in Hoian such as Quang noodles, high floor or rice with chicken cannot keep their distinctive taste. Apart from Hoi An, nowhere can you enjoy such delicious food because nowadays, the amount of Tra Que vegetables produced is just sufficient for Hoi An, making this a regional delicacy.