town Balmaseda

town Balmaseda

Balmaseda is a town in Vizcaya, Basque Country.

A small and charming Basque town near the border with Burgos. Nestled in the mountains, it is an excellent base for exploring the wilderness. Balmaseda is small, so walking the the best way to get around.

Things you could do:

- Ayuntmiento-Town Hall with its impressive columns

- Puente Viejo Roman Bridge (XIII)

- Iglesia de San Severino (XIV)

- Balmaseda Historical Museum

- Palacio Horcasitas

- Iglesia San Juan

- Ermita de San Roque y San Sebastian en el monte Kolitza

- Iglesia de Santa Clara . It is also a museum

- Medieval market in March.

- Semana Santa (Easter). Representation of the Last Supper, Judgment and Crucifixion by locals.

- San Severino festivals: 23rd October.

Places to stay:

- Hotel San Roque Avda. Encartaciones, 2. tel 946 102 268

- Hostal Begoña Plaza San Severino, 12. tel 946 102 326

- Hostel/Pension Mendia c/Martin Mendia, 6. tel. 946 102 258

- Refugio Kolitxa Monte Kolitxa tel. 946 800 000

- Albergue El Peñueco Barrio el Peñueco tel. 629 535 249

- Albergue La Garbea Monte La Garbea tel. 946 800 000

How to get there:

- By bus BizkaiBus has service between Bilbao bus terminal and Balmaseda. Balmaseda does not have a bus station, so the drop-off point is the same as the pick-up point.

- By train FEVE runs two trains an hour to and from Bilbao (Santander Station).

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