The “tourist information offices” of Delhi, India

The “tourist information offices” of Delhi, India

Beware: there are various private "tourist information offices” around Connaught Place openly claiming to be the official government tourist office. They're actually just travel agents that have nothing to do with The Government of India, and since they prey on tourists, anything you buy from them will be grossly overpriced compared to doing it yourself. There will be tauts at many tourist spots, like the train station, who will start a conservation with you. Many of them look very smart and business like. They will offer you their help and you will end up in a rickshaw (for a very low price) and later at one of these travel agencies. Basically do not believe anybody who approaches you to volunteer information. YOU choose who you want to help you, don't trust strangers who appear out of the crowd. That way you will make very positive experiences.

Here you'll find the real tourist office in Delhi:
The staff at the real Delhi tourist office is very helpful and the office has a lot of free information: The Government of India Tourist Office 88 Janpath , Connaught Place. Tel:2332 0005, 23320008, 23320109, 23320266.

The Government of India Tourist Office offers daily tours, covering all of the major Delhi sites. If you should choose to go with the government sanctioned day tour, be aware that due to the heavy agenda, you will need to have a quick foot, only twenty to forty minutes are given for each sight, which is next to no time. Consider this day tour as a sampler. If there is a sight of particular interest, bookmark it and return at a later date.

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