Touring the US by Bus and Train

Touring the US by Bus and Train

Tourists visit the US for to gain some knowledge about the life of different people, cultures, places, and food.

Some travelers just need to escape from the world and inhale a breath of fresh air. Traveling is a lifelong experience, it is indescribable, you come back feeling fresh with a totally new and refreshed perspective of life, and you feel rejuvenated. 


Train Travel in the US

Traveling to New York City (one of the best places ever!) on a train can be a great method. For tourists and locals visiting New York City, trains offer a convenient and comfortable method of travel. Usually, people travel to New York by air. Of course, you would save time. However, you would miss the fauna and the flora of the countryside when you travel by air. The train journey or even the bus journey is hence enjoyable from this perspective. You can enjoy the countryside in its full glory.


Train Journey from Williams Arizona to Grand Canyon Arizona.

Similarly, the journey from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon AZ would be an exhilarating experience for you. You can view the Grand Canyon at leisure. The train journey would take you through the deep pine forests and the desert as well. The eight-hour journey would change your perception of train travel in the US.


The Napa Valley by Train

From the brown deserts, you can move on to the greenery of the Napa Valley when you travel by the Napa Valley Wine train. You can see some of the finest wineries in the world. You can also partake in a gourmet meal that would include the tastiest of wines from the valley.


The California Zephyr

If you really want to experience long train travel, then the California Zephyr should be the one for you. From Chicago, IL, the train winds its way through seven states for 51 hours to reach Emeryville, CA. Watching the Colorado River in full flow would be a great experience.   


Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad would be another exciting train journey for you. The scenery would be fantastic throughout the four and a half hour journey from Bryson City, NC to Nantahala Gorge, NC.

We have just seen some of the scenic train routes in the US. This would be just the tip of the iceberg. The best way to explore the US is by rail or road. Naturally, you would spend more time traveling. However, it would be worth the money.



Bus Travel in the US

Traveling by bus in the US would be a great experience. The buses in the US have large windows enabling you to have an all-round view of the scenery. You would never be able to enjoy the same when you travel by air.


Bus Routes in Hawaii 

Some of the most scenic routes in the US are in the state of Hawaii. You get to see some breathtaking scenery. The bus journey that takes you on a circular route around the coast of Oahu would be a great one to travel. You can have a glimpse of the famous Pearl Harbor and the Turtle Bay resort on the way.


Rocky Mountain National Park by Bus

In the same way, the road that runs through the Rocky Mountain National Park is a favorite for many people in the US. In summer, this would be one of the best places to travel by road. Your bus would take you straight up the mountain peaks. The scenery on the route would just blow your mind away.


Bus Travel Along the Mississippi River

The Madison to Minneapolis route would be an iconic one, as you would literally trail the Mississippi River in full flow.


Queens to the Bronx by Bus

Many people love to watch wild animals in their natural habitat. The Bronx Zoo would be an ideal place for them to spend some quality time with some of the most magnificent animals in the US. The route from Jamaica Queens to the Bronx passes through the best city in the US, New York.