Touring exhibition of the Ancient Greek Musical Instruments Museum

Touring exhibition of the Ancient Greek Musical Instruments Museum

It is well-known that ancient Greeks were in a relationship with music since the dawn of time.

Greeks love music.

It is connected to their everyday lives and expresses their joys and sorrows. 
Ancient Greeks had their very own God of music, Appolo. This is enough proof of how important music was to the ancient Greeks. I had a unique opportunity recently, to visit the exhibitions of ancient music instruments and toys from the relevant museum and get to know them better.

I had the opportunity to admire:

The lyre:
An ancient string musical instrument played by musicians at symposiums and various rituals of the God Dionysos(Pan).

Appolo's Guitar:

A string instrument with intense and deep sound that required special skill to play and accompanied the songs at various music public events.

The lute:

The most well-known and important ancient Greek wind instrument, widely present at private and public ceremonies, track-field races, pageants and the ancient theater.

The Panpipes:

Unique wind instrument created by multi-canes combined together, the ancient God of wine and fun Pan considered a virtuoso of the skill, thus gave it its name.

The Drum:

Ancient percussion instrument used by women mostly at religious ceremonies.

The "Brass Drum":

Another percussion instrument created by Ippasos the Metapontinos.

The "Music Bells":

Additional percussion instrument - an array of brass bells connected together.
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Note: I was lucky myself to visit this exhibition at the facilities of the International Fair of Thessaloniki



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