Top Tips for Traveling in Switzerland

Top Tips for Traveling in Switzerland

If you're thinking of traveling to Switzerland, read these top tips to help make your visit easier.


Best Way to Travel

The best way to travel in Switzerland is by car as it's a country that allows you to continuously take in spectacular views. If for some reason this is not possible, then you should rather purchase a Swiss Travel Pass which makes all your journeys within Switzerland free and also offers you discounts for certain attractions.

The price chart of Swiss travel pass (2nd Class journey) is:

1. Adult: 3 Days: 210 CHF, 4 Days: 251 CHF, 8 Days: 363 CHF, 15 Days: 440 CHF

2. Youth (16 – < 26): 3 Days: 179 CHF, 4 Days: 213 CHF, 8 Days: 309 CHF, 15 Days: 374 CHF

3. Children (6 – <16): 3 Days: 105 CHF, 4 Days: 125 CHF, 8 Days: 181 CHF, 15 Days: 210 CHF

Benefits of Swiss Travel Pass

  • Unlimited travel by rail, road and waterway
  • Including most panorama pleasures*
  • Free travel on public transport in 75 towns and cities
  • Free admission to more than 480 museums
  • 50% discount off most mountain railways

There are many other travel pass options available. One can find the same information on the Swiss Pass website and choose the most suitable option. But personally, I feel the Swiss Travel Pass is the best way to travel in Switzerland (if you can't rent a car).

Important Tip:

If you're traveling to Switzerland from Germany or other European countries, you can take the Swiss pass from the main railways station there. Some times they offer discounts on the Swiss Travel Pass. I got my youth Swiss travel pass at a price of 179 CHF for 4 days in Germany- a good deal!

Cost Estimation

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe so it's always better to plan early and know what, where and how to visit. This is because in Switzerland, traveling from one location to another requires time, as destinations are not always close together. It's always good to pre-plan all the things you want to do there.


The average cost of various things in Swiss are as follows:

  1. Accommodation: Youth hostels in Interlaken will cost around 35-45 Euros and can be booked online through various websites like Hostel Bookers and Hostel World.
  2. Food: Food is quite expensive in Switzerland and a single budget meal may cost up to 15-20 Euros.
  3. Transportation Cost : With Swiss Travel Pass, transportation is free.
  4. Sight Seeing : With Swiss Travel Pass entry to many museums is free. With regard to other attractions, one has to pay but yes, you get discounts with the Swiss Travel Pass. The cost of various attractions is mentioned in the section “Must watch places”.


Money Saving Tips

1) Travel with the Swiss Travel Card. It will save you a lot of money on transportation within the country.

2) Book your hostel in Interlaken or nearby, as it is the center of many attractions in Switzerland.

3) If you can cook, the majority of hostels provide kitchen facilities. You can purchase ready-made food items and just warm them up at the hostel. It will save you a lot of money.

4) Always pre-plan your itinerary otherwise you will waste a lot of time deciding where to go. Trains to some attractions only leave once per hour, so you cannot afford to waste time in deciding where and when to go.

5) Check if you can purchase your Swiss Travel Pass from Germany. As mentioned above, you will get some discounts.


Hope you Enjoy Switzerland as much as I did!