Top Tips for Travel to Morocco

Top Tips for Travel to Morocco

After spending five incredible days in Morocco, which included three in Marrakech and two in the Atlas Mountains, I came across a few things that travelers need to keep aware of.

This trip was different from the moment I landed; it just seemed different to other trips I have been on. It is an incredible country, with beautiful markets, sensual gardens and an intriguing culture. There was certainly nothing subtle about this beautiful country, as it attacked your senses both through the eyes, ears, and mouth.


Top Tips for Traveling in Morocco

Be Alert

You will be hassled, end of. But be prepared for it and don’t listen and acknowledge every person you come across. As Europeans or English looking people you will automatically become a target as you are walking money to the locals. Locals will be keen to get you to buy their good whether that is spices, tea or carpets.


Dress Appropriately

Morocco has come a long way over the last decade but they are also traditional Muslims and are keen to continue with their traditions and culture. Within this tourists must obey by the rules of their country and religion by dressing appropriately.


Choose the Right Accommodation

Marrakech is such a beautiful city, but it is also chaotic, loud and an attack on the senses. The best choice of accommodation for Marrakech would be a quiet and serene riad with space to relax after a long day in the city.


Plan Ahead

Grab a map and go old school. Dot out all of the points on the map you want to visit and even ask your hosts to help you plan out your day ahead. Then decide whether you are going to walk between spots or jump in a taxi.


Catch Taxis

Even though Marrakech is a fairly small city it is still worth getting a taxi. The busses are busy and cramped and they don’t have a form of tram or tube so getting a taxi is the best option for any trips where walking may be a push.


Food and Drink!

It’s best to drink bottled water whilst you’re here to avoid any unwanted contamination and food will tend to be safe as long as you are careful with where and what you eat. As long as it’s hot and freshly cooked the food is usually fine to eat anywhere.


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