Top Tips on Moving to London

Top Tips on Moving to London

When you first move to London, you're likely to be unemployed and eager to become more acquainted with your new city, which is the ideal mix for investigating all the tourist destinations that London brings to the table. 
To spare you the inconvenience, I've grouped a rundown of the top things to see and do, isolating them into three classifications: Things to do immediately, things not to hurry into but rather tick off sooner or later, and things to keep away from.
In particular, try to appreciate London at each opportunity you get, and benefit as much as possible from this one of a kind city.
Avoid looking like a tourist in London by taking these tips: how to dress, where to go, how to welcome individuals, and you'll be a Londoner before you know it.

Do’s and Dont's

Do wear a cap. The climate is exceptionally variable, and caps will shield you from downpour, sun and wind while giving you a touch of style and Britishness.
Try not to request pants unless you are searching for clothing. At the point when looking for garments you ought to request trousers, and jumpers rather than sweaters. Since they appear to be back in style, "fanny-pack" is a major no-no in British English. You can request a waist wallet, or a bum pack.
Try not to use an umbrella. Settle on a trench coat and a cap, or just a duplicate of today's daily paper.
Try not to look around in public transport. Londoners are scandalously sly with regards to being packed inside a swarmed transport or tube train.


When to Eat

As in any multicultural capital, there are no settled times for dinners. You will discover a lot of spots that serve food throughout the day, however this might be isolated in breakfast, lunch, tea, pre-theatre, supper, and post-theatre. 


What to Wear

Londoners frequently look like they could be on the covers of Vogue without being excessively done up, so if you're attempting to fit in, casual yet in Vogue is the approach.
Choose Chelsea boots or brogues in fall and winter. On the off chance that you can't bear the cost of a Burberry or Aquascutum trench coat, put your money towards an all-round organized, non-slouchy one, which will go with everything.
Londoners don't tend to wear a lot of cosmetics, they rather tend to keep it simple.

Where to Go

Buckingham Palace

Go on, go wonder about the measure of the royal residence, time it with the Changing of the Guards, and in case you're in London amid August – September, you can even take a little meander through the State Rooms, which are open for only 8 weeks of the year.

Hyde Park

Save Hyde Park for those sunny summer days with friends, some wine and a delicious picnic spread. The lush green surroundings will always welcome you. 

Southbank / London Eye

Take a stroll along London's south bank – look at the spectacular views from the great Tower Bridge to as far as Westminster. It's a beautiful walk and there's a considerable amount of things to see along the way. Get some lunch from Borough market, pop into Tate Modern, and take a ride on the London Eye

The Shard

Go and view London's delightful horizon from 800ft high on the 72nd story of the (kind of) new Shard assembling. Do this as soon as you can, before you understand how much £25 of an expense really is, in respect to your littler wage.


Get a photograph in front of the famous Big Ben, then make it your profile pic to show all of your friends that you made it to London! Visit the Houses of Parliament and wonder about the design. Also keep in mind Westminster Abbey across the street, where you can pay a robust £15 to go inside and think back to THAT regal wedding . There's also the National Gallery, Tate Britain and the Cabinet War Rooms as well – make a social day of it!

Tower of London

I am yet to visit (flawless example of why you ought to go early), yet I've heard only great things. Let one of the Beefeaters (watchmen of the Tower of London – with adorable outfits) go up against you in a voyage through more than 900 years’ worth of history. I've heard the Crown Jewels are especially great so take a camera!

London Zoo

If you're somewhat animal mad like me, it won't be long until you miss your pets back home, or simply being around animals. Save the outing to the Zoo for quite a long time after arriving, for when you're really missing your animals!

Hampstead Heath

It resembles venturing out of London and into an enormous, supernatural timberland with large open spaces. Ideal for summer, where you can swim in the lakes, or sit on top of Parliament Hill and enjoy the lovely views of London.


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