Top Things to See in Sydney

Top Things to See in Sydney

Once you experience the consistent buzz and sheer energy of a truly vibrant city such as Sydney, you instantly fall in love with it.

During my first trip to Sydney, Australia I was utterly mesmerized by the glitzy side of the city, its electric nightlife and busy lifestyle. However, I soon realized that there are so many other thrilling things to do and many more places to explore than meets the eye that I kept on returning to it just to discover something new.

Sydney abounds with vibrant cultural life and exquisite must-see landmarks which make it one of the most frequently visited cities in the world. From visiting the graceful harbor of the Harbor Bridge to experiencing its lively food scene, there is something for everyone in store.


Here are a few exciting tourist attractions that will turn your holiday into the most memorable adventure:

The Rocks

One of the oldest parts of Sydney which I had the opportunity to see was the incredible Rocks, whose major historic significance keeps attracting tourists from various parts of the worlds. Commonly known as “Sydney’s outdoor museum”, it exhibits traditional aboriginal lands which have recently been transformed into a real touristic hotspot. It has fine-dining restaurants and charming gift shops but without demolishing some of its historical buildings. There are more than a hundred heritage buildings along the streets of the Rocks making it the oldest well-maintained colonial district in Sydney. At the end of my tour, I had just enough time to wander down the Rocks Market and indulge in the versatility of jewelry and outstanding artwork. It was a great way to finish the trip while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of this great market.


Sydney Opera House

The first thing that comes to mind at a mention of Sydney is usually a magnificent Opera House. This architectural masterpiece is situated on the Sydney Harbor and it unquestionably stands apart from the rest of Sydney’s iconic landmarks. I was fascinated with the enormous amount of creativity and talent that was invested in constructing this majestic structure and how impressive its billowing sails are. I had a chance to experience the atmosphere of its interior and I must say it is not as awe-inspiring as the exterior but it surely is a star attraction as it encompasses a wide array of theatres, studios and concert halls that showcase a flourishing contemporary cultural scene.


Sydney Beach

Every time I visit Sydney, I can’t resist taking the coastal walk along many of Sydney’s white-sand tropical beaches, or enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and cosmopolitan vibe of many of its cafes. The most popular is Bondi Beach, which boasts a breathtaking ocean view and where you can watch a glorious sunrise before taking a dive in turquoise waters. Although I am still an amateur when it comes to surfing, I wanted to see how it feels to ride waves on some of the best surfing spots in Sydney such as Collaroy and Dee Why. Another place definitely worth visiting is fantastic Manly, a favorite seaside destination where you can visit some good quality restaurants and taste mouth-watering seafood specialties. Also, you can take one of the thrilling Comealong Tours as it will help you savor its pleasant atmosphere to the fullest.


Sydney Fish Market

If you are a seafood lover, make sure not to miss the second largest fish market in the world. It offers an enormous variety of seafood that caters to everybody’s taste. There are a wide range of retail outlets, a sushi bar and even a highly respected cooking school. Seafood is reasonably priced and very fresh and tasty. Most of the food is prepared right on the spot and you can take it outside, lounge on the grass in the nearby park and savor its delicious taste.


Helicopter flight

If you are short on time you can opt for one of many exciting city tours and make the best of your time. I had a wonderful opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of this bustling city from a bird’s eye view. Flying over stunning Sydney in a helicopter is truly an epic adventure as it allows you to see most of its sparkling attractions. Naturally, you will be accompanied by a tour guide who will be giving you instructions and some enlightening information about most scenic locations and the history of this incredible city.