Top Things To Do In South India

Top Things To Do In South India

India is a huge country and so culturally diverse that seeing only one part of it or one city will never truly justify its true essence.

You need to take out time to travel through this country properly and experience its authentic cultures that change with every mile. You will be amazed at all the variety of cultures, flavors, things to do and see. This crazy country can take you from the highs of its Northern Himalayas to the lows of the Indian Ocean. From the deserts of Kutch in the west, to the cleanest village of Asia in the east.

Just like any other part of India, South India is steeped in cultural offerings and natural sights. From sand kissed beaches to thousand-year-old temples, from party places to organic farms, there is no dearth of action and something for travelers of every pace.

If you are looking to visit  South India, make sure that these places are covered on your itinerary.


South India Itinerary


Hampi in Karnataka is famous for its history and rock climbing activity. Its laid back vibe and historical sights hook travelers to it. You will see some of the most breathtaking ruins combined with huge rocks.


Backwaters of Kerala

If you are in South India, it is almost a sin to not experience the backwaters of Kerala. Cruising along the canals dotted by palm trees is a sight as unique as the city itself. If you are willing to shell out extra bucks, your boat can serve you beer and chef-cooked meals on board. You can also stay in one of the backwater homestays for a truly authentic experience.


Beaches of Varkala

The beaches of Varkala are the best and they can take your breath away by just looking at it. The views extend along the Arabian Sea and the landscape is sprinkled with palm trees that only add on to its natural beauty.



Pondicherry is known as India’s French capital. When you are in Pondicherry, you will be able to experience India’s unique flavor interspersed with French culture. You will enjoy its quaintness and the luxury of the French quarters. There is so much to do in Pondicherry that you will almost never run out of things to keep you busy.



Mahabalipuram is only a short drive from Pondicherry on a scenic East Coast Road in Tamil Nadu. This place is known for its backpacker scene and renowned for thousand-year-old sculptures. If you happen to be here in the months of December or January, don't miss the classical dance festival.



Coorg is South India’s very own hill station. You can see acres of coffee plantations in front of you in combination with Karnataka’s mountain ranges.


South India is a treasure trove of activities.

Find your pace and what interests you, this will help you streamline your travel to this part of India.